And now…. some better cell phone blogs!

As the new kid on the block in the cell phone blogging game, we here at Cell Phones Zone would like to pay our respects to those bloggers that have slaved over a hot laptop for many more months than us today. There are lots of great ones out there, but we will just do a current news rundown on a few today that you can probably expect to see us reading and linking to pretty regularly.

  1. Engadget is kinda the king of technology blogging, and they have a cell phone divisionwatchphone.jpg that is pretty incredible as well. Yesterday they brought a cell phone watch to our attention that is being made by SMS Technology. I have to give them the originality award at least, as Ive not seen this yet. But I’m not sure how big the market is for something like this. You do get the “James Bond” factor though.
  2. The Nokia Cell Phone Blog, another great source for cell info, has some sleek photos up sonyeric.jpgtoday of 8 brand new handsets from Sony Ericsson. I especially like the look of this W880/888. Maybe its the black and orange color scheme or possibly the fact that its one of the new Walkmen phones that makes it appealing. The early reports though are showing this one is a bit light on the feature side. And of course, we dont think it can compete in the music category with the upcoming IPhone.

3. And be sure to head over to Springwise for a really great look at how to buy wine from your cell phone! Its true, it appears that Dutch consumers have the jump on purchasing wine from their mobile phones via SMS. So, next time you hear about or try a new wine that you may not remember the name of, just open your phone and purchase from Buy Your Wine. Stateside you can do a similar thing via Wine Zap.