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Apple IPhone Almost Here!

Probably the most anticipated cell phone I can recall hits stores in the coming month of June. Apple will be unveiling the IPhone to consumers and could probably charge just about whatever they wanted and people would still snatch them up at an unreal rate.

So, what is the latest buzz surrounding this highly sought after piece of technology? Glad you asked, and here you go…….

And if you aren’t already totally revved up, here is the commercial for the Apple IPhone as well….

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Cell Phones In The News – May 2

We have another batch of interesting news stories today involving cell phones. Some typical, others odd and some that make no sense at all. Read on for the top stories…..

  • Cell Phones banned from the voting booths in the Philippines.
    • ““The moment they are seen using their cameras for a photo copy of their ballots, it could be a ground for them to be investigated,”
  • Have your baseball tickets delivered straight to your cell phone.
    • “The Washington Nationals have become the first major organization in the United States to deliver event tickets to mobile phones. Nationals fans who purchase tickets on the Website can choose to have their tickets delivered to a mobile phone, via a MMS or picture message.”
  • Cell Phone bans continue just about everywhere it seems.
  • This one is my favorite, apparently, politicians that have been jailed can still woo voters from their jail cell using cell phones?!?!?!?
    • “Six politicians awaiting trial on murder or abduction charges in lawless northern Uttar Pradesh state have been using “cell” phones to campaign for re-election from prison, police said yesterday.”

Stay tuned to Cell Phones Zone for the latest news regarding cell phones, we cover it all……