Introducing the FIC Neo1973


The product that just might change everything about how a phone is created and sold is now in the beginning stages of operations. This is a collaboration between mobile phone manufacturer First International Computer and OpenMoko Software where the goal is to bring open source mobile software and an unlocked device together where it can be personalized by the individual user. Putting power into the users hands has become a hot button topic as Congress has been considering why are cellphones which are outright owned by the consumer are locked down to one particular cell phone company.

This is still in the early phases and most of the advancements and capabilities will have to be created by the open source community but so far some of the aspects that have been announced have some quite excited.

Processor: Samsung 2442 @ 400 MHz SoC
Screen: 2.8″ 480×640 at 285 ppi
Storage 256MB – Use of expandalbe MicroSD
Ram: 128MB
Wireless: Quad-band GSM, GPRS Class12/CS4 2.5G , Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi
Embedded Devices: GPS and 2 3D Accelerometers

There are some notable drawbacks like the low speed data connection, 1.1 USB, and seemingly no video. Some of these things seem odd as it is capable hardware wise of being quite powerful. I am sure many things will change but in the meantime it is exciting to hear about something other than a $700 sim locked phone with a two year contract that might be obsolete within less than a year.

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Iphone Neo comparo

Info and images courtesy of OpenMoko