Microsoft Windows Mobile 6


This week we will be focusing on the software that runs your mobile phone. This is an often overlooked aspect of the mobile industry and has just recently been brought to light to the average consumer with the new iPhone, its software updates and all their implications, both good and bad.

Today lets take a look at Microsoft Windows Mobile Software. Mobile 6 is latest version of this software and its list of phone models that it runs is very impressive as seen below:

Psion Teklogix Ikn, Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro G2, Verizon SMT5800, Verizon Wireless XV6800, iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger, Samsung SCH-i760, Pantech DuoT-Mobile Wing, Moto Q Global, T-Mobile Shadow, Samsung BlackJack I & II, T-Mobile Dash, HTC Touch, AT&T Tilt, Palm Treo 750, and The Sprint Mogul Smartphone by HTC.

Windows Mobile 6 includes many programs that people are familiar with including mobile versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer. This provides a broad appeal as these office programs are the norm in the corporate world. But the one thing that really makes this software shine is the ability of the end user to personalize their mobile device. Customized themes, wallpapers, and ringtones. The main difference between this and other mobile software is that all of this is free.

Its refreshing that Microsoft isn’t trying to make money off every aspect of the mobile phone that virtually all other companies do. This is why you see tremendous brand loyalty when it comes to Window Mobile users. The average customer has a high end phone that is essentially a pocket sized computer and having the ability to add the latest software programs is essential to their day to day tasks. Being able to add Skype and GPS programs as soon as they became available is a huge advantage and is something iPhone users can only dream about.

One advantage is the power of Microsoft and all that it brings to this platform, case in point, software add-ons are continually added to its website, all benefiting the consumer. A recent case in point is Viigo, a RSS aggregator that delivers your favorite mobile content quickly and conveniently and yes its free as well. There is also a great resource called the Windows Mobile Newsletter and its a highly recommended for anyone that has or is thinking about getting a Windows Mobile powered device.

Microsoft has quietly built a mobile industry powerhouse with its Windows Mobile Software that is running on over 140 devices worldwide. There are thousands of different software titles for the platform ranging from applications to games to productivity and much much more. They are becoming the dominating force in the mobile industry and with Windows Mobile 7 right around the corner they look to be cementing themselves as the leader in the mobile software marketplace.