Blackberry’s Operating System, mobile email for the masses



Today in our continuing look at mobile phone software we concentrate on the most overlooked of the bunch and one that essentially changed the way we communicate.

Research In Motion (RIM) invented mobile email as we know it and blew the doors off of what slim offerings were available. Up until they came aboard all that we could do was synch a PDA with a computer and setting up that email account took a software engineer. I personally remember spending many an hour with a Jornada to no avail.

When the first Blackberry came onto the scene, the 5700 series, few where impressed. It was a data only device, was very complicated and its interface was difficult to navigate. More often than not it crashed and the reboot process took up to five minutes to complete. And yet, once you got your account set up and you suddenly had the ability to send and receive email instantly it was if you had found the Holy Grail of email. In addition you were also able to hook up a BES server at you office and have corporate email as well, allowing you to keep in touch with your workplace from such locations as the golf course or a business conference.

Some seven plus years later many have tried to duplicate them but all they really have achieved is the ability to sign into your Gmail or Yahoo account through the phones browser. This is of course not the same and this accounts for the Blackberry being the dominant mobile device of Government and Corporate landscapes.

Some might blame the Blackberry for changing the way business is done and not for the better. Being able to communicate instantly with business associates can have an adverse affect on ones private life. Studies have suggested that every time we hear that beep indicating the arrival of a new message, we get an endorphin rush. Some might call it staying ahead of the game while others consider it an addiction, thus the term CrackBerry. Even with all the supposed ‘negative’ aspects it has become an invaluable tool. To be able to send receive open and edit attachments at any hour has increased productivity dramatically.

RIM has now added everything from WiFi to GPS to Cameras into their SmartPhones that don’t resemble anything like their humble beginnings. They are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and as multi functional as anything else in the mobile landscape. With version 4.3 of their software set to launch in February, many are anticipating big changes that will continue to keep Blackberry at the forefront of SmartPhone development.

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