Mobile Phone Insider Websites

There are many a blog on the mobile industry around the old internet tubes and they all have opinions pertaining to their personal tastes, this being one of them. They serve the purpose of being both informative and entertaining, without them we would be in the dark about all things shiny and new and that would be a great disservice for people that love their mobile phones.

Sometimes though I tend to delve a bit deeper into the information that these sites avoid, the statistical, financial, and historical information that fascinates me. I am a student of the wireless industry and a big proponent of the philosophy of ‘how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve been.’

With that preamble out of the way, I present a few sites that I enjoy for their dedication to all things mobile:


A website for the GSMA, the global trade association that represents 700 GSM mobile phone operators and 200 phone manufacturers across 218 countries. Promotes all things GSM, the global mobile phone technology that provides service to over 2.6 billion users. Great resource for both the history of the mobile industry and what is currently happening including innovations such as:

  • Pay Buy Mobile – Turning your phone into a wireless credit card for secure purchases
  • Mobile Money Transfer – Mobile Phone Money Transfers with the focus on migrant workers who might not have bank accounts
  • 3G For All – Bringing affordable wireless highspeed data and devices to rural areas that have no access to broadband internet services.

w-adv.jpgExtensive coverage on the 1200 mobile phone markets and the over 300 mobile phone companies of the U.S. They offer news on all things mobile and have an impressive forum that has hundreds of thousands of posts on virtually any topic you could wish. Notable forum topics:

  • Cell Tower Hunting Club – Locations and pictures of cell sites around the globe
  • Working and Investing in the Wireless Industry – Insight into the inner workings of the mobile industry
  • Foro de Celulares en Espaà±ol – A Spanish Language Mobile Phone Forum

rcrw.jpgThe definitive source on all things in the Mobile Phone Industry. The place to be if you need to know about subscriber totals with churn rates for the last quarter along with who the corporate officers are company by company. Notable features of the site include:

  • Audible Glossary – An audio guide to all those acronyms the wireless industry loves so much
  • Stock Watch – A look at all the wireless companies on the Dow Jones and NASDAQ with customizable chart options
  • Wireless Hall of FameRecognizes those who have made significant contributions to wireless telecommunications

So there you go, some alternative websites that if read regularly will provide you with more knowledge than the current Senior Vice President of Customer Satisfaction of T-Mobile.