Return of the N-Gage


Just when you thought it was safe to recycle your old N-Gage, Nokia has gone ahead and resurrected the gaming device once thought dead. Actually you can still recycle it or better yet, donate it to Cell Phones for Soldiers because it is being brought back as software that can be loaded on the N81 for starters and then eventually the N95, N93, N93i, N82 and the N73 if all goes well. It is a great concept for a phone manufacturer, let the customer play with the Beta version of the software to work out the bugs and avoid the criticism of a hard software launch.

For those interested in some more info, check out the blog and put the feed into your RSS reader. If you happen to own a Nokia N81 , click here to get started.

The website has the following information displayed:

N81 owners, take part in creating the new wave of mobile play!
N-Gage First Access has begun. To ensure N-Gage is the best it can be, we want you to take an active part in its development. N-Gage First Access allows Nokia N81 owners to download the pre-release version of the N-Gage application, try and buy N-Gage games, and provide feedback on the experience. It’s a great opportunity to be the first to join the new wave of mobile play.