The all in one unlimted plan from Sprint


In what is a long time coming, a major wireless provider has announced a pilot program that gives an all in one unlimited plan that includes the major features of a power user: Unlimited voice calling, SMS (text messaging), Web, Email, and even MMS (picture messaging). There are some indications that BlackBerry isn’t included but is available as an add on.

This is just what SprintNextel needed to offer due to all its executive turnover, horrific activation numbers, and CHURN percentage. Will this right the sinking ship is the big question but I can imagine this being a hugely popular plan for many a Fortune 500 company as the bottom line is all that counts in these uncertain economic times.

The BGR boys got word that the launch cities are San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul regions. Let’s hope that wireless peeps in these areas jump all over this offering so that it launches nationwide.

Info via Sprint’s Internet Tubes

Hopefully SprintNextel will also take this as a hint that they should lower the prices on their phones, a look at their website lists 8 different phones at $199.99 and more. They also are selling the HTC Touch which is hot phone in the wireless biz but their price point of $250 makes it far less appealing. Sometimes a company shakeup is what is needed to give a company a new prospective, the launch of the Unlimited Access Plan is a great start but should be only the beginning in what should be a complete retooling of the mobile phone giant.