Blackberry’s go dark and users go beserk


Blackberry service went down for about 12 hours yesterday and once again the wolves were nipping at RIM’s jugular. Some don’t seem to believe it was due to a software upgrade as that is just too similar to the 2007 outage. Others just want to vent their anger because they have come to depend on this service and don’t want to think it as unreliable in any way. I personally think that 28 hours of downtime in 8+ years is a pretty impressive track record and just indicates how reliable they have been.

And yet I kept looking to the screen hoping to see a flood of backlogged emails coming through, and yet nothing happened. I ponder what might have happened if the outage had lasted much longer to not only me but to our nations capitol where these devices would need to be surgically detached from most users. Would it be like the Old Testament, real wrath-of-God type stuff? With fire and brimstone coming down from the skies? Would rivers and seas begin to boil? Possibly a start of forty years of darkness? Would there be earthquakes and volcanoes… and would the dead begin rising from the grave? Perhaps even dogs and cats would start living together and thus create mass hysteria. Probably not, but hey its kinda fun to write about politicians being completely lost without instant access to corporate and government email systems.

Hey it wasn’t all bad, it gave power users the opportunity to get one of those BlackBerry Massages that all the kids are talking about. No word on if a happy ending is included but it can’t hurt to ask.