T-Mobile is launching 3G……but this time its for realz

T-Mobile’s CEO Hamid Akhavan decided to remind the world that they still plan on launching a 3G network in the US, hopefully by late summer. The CEO also claimed that it will be “the best 3G network in the country.”

I guess the 14 month delay in the launch of the service were spent testing and not just playing Scrabulous on Facebook as had been rumored. Of course if and when T-Mobile launches their super duper special 3G network virtually every other major network will be deploying 4G. So to say they are a tad late to the table would indicate they actually know what a table is and clearly that is not the case. T-Mobile also announced the future launch of an Android-based handset by the end of 2008, so expect that around 2010 sometime…maybe.

Other new developments on T-Mobile’s horizon:

A new 8 track mobile music phone