Verizon’s unlimited bonanza


On Tuesday, February 19 Verizon will not only be launching an unlimited voice plan but 5 additional plans that add various features as well. Obviously this announcement is huge in the mobile world as this is the first major carrier that has done this and at the price point that they are talking about, they could eliminate any and all competition. Hopefully this will start a new era where we actually are charged more like a land line and features will no longer have limits (Hint Hint AT&T).

Obviously these plans aren’t for everyone but its a step in the right direction considering how little the wireless companies pay for minutes (pennies for a few hundred) of course they do have some overhead like the private jets and all the money they have to give to J.D. Power for all those ‘impartial’ awards.

Here are the rumored plans courtesy of BGR via Engadget via some dude on the street corner telling us that the world is gonna end in the near future.

  • $99 – Nationwide Unlimited
  • $119 – Nationwide Select Unlimited – Voice, SMS, MMS
  • $139 – Nationwide Premium – Voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, and Email
  • $149 – Nationwide Email and Messaging -Voice, SMS, MMS, and Data
  • $169 – Nationwide Global Email and Messaging -Voice, SMS, MMS, and International Data
  • $199 – Family plan with two lines, $99 per additional line.

Rumors are that the 5gb data cap is also lifted and that no contract extension will be necessary for existing customers and either one or two year contract options for new customers. This would also include nationwide long distance and the all you can eat roaming buffet but thats kinda a given if you ask me.

The Verizon website has all the info as well as another one of those models posing with a cell phone having the time of her life but this one seems to be hiding something in her left hand as the entire arm is hidden. Perhaps Verizon got a discount on a one handed model and came up with this pose specifically to hide this frugal attempt at marketing. Heck anyone that can laugh while wearing 6 inch heels after losing her hand is O.K. in my book, way to go one arm Verizon model lady.