Yahoo! and T-Mobile take on Google


More and more companies are starting to see Google as the threat they really are in the mobile landscape and are taking steps to ensure that their growth is tempered. Case in point, Yahoo! has jumped into bed with T-Mobile, while T-Mobile has kicked Google to the curb.

T-Mobile International announced plans to make Yahoo its exclusive mobile service in Europe at the end of March, saying it will offer Yahoo’s oneSearch to its customers as part of its web’n’walk service. The companies also announced plans to offer Yahoo services such as e-mail, instant messaging, weather information and the photo-sharing application Flickr.

The move effectively ends a 3-year-old relationship between T-Mobile and Google that had seen the Internet giant power web’n’walk since the offering came to market. And it gives Yahoo access to nearly 90 million wireless users in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria and eight other European markets.

Look for similar deals to become the norm as Google becomes a more prominent player in the mobile world with their Android platform.