Microsoft mobile licenses Adobe Flash and Reader

Microsoft has licensed Adobe Flash Lite and Adobe Reader LE PDF software for their mobile software, this of course is in addition to their own Silverlight technology. No word on an actual time table for when these will become reality as “the engineers have to work together to integrate the technology, and then the platforms have to be distributed to OEMs,” advised Anup Murarka, director of technical marketing at Adobe. Adobe hopes to see this implemented by the end of the year but as of yet refer those questions to Microsoft.

LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola all have Flash-enabled phones but the one notable exception is the iPhone and Adobe would love to make that happen but it doesn’t seem likely after Mr Jobs harsh critique of the mobile Flash product. Perhaps Silverlight on the Jesus Phone? Yet another partnership after the Active Sync and Exchange shocker could bring Apple fans what they love most, more of the evil, crush everything in its path, ruthless Microsoft who steal babies at night and then train them to be software engineers before the age of 10.

Maybe Jobs and Gates actually get along, I mean its kinda hard to dislike Gates considering how much of his own money he is spending to help cure and stop the spread of disease as well as all the educational donations his foundation has made. Maybe they are just getting older and don’t care about the rivalry all that much anymore.