Slap me some skin


Good news, apparently Buffalo Bill has rebounded well from the setback of being shot 6 times by Clarice Starling. He is currently working as a mobile phone designer with LG and his therapy has been going well even though some of his old habits tend to die hard. This has never been as apparent than with the announcement of the LG-SH240 aka The Human Skin Keyboard. Yes you too can have the sick thrill of caressing skin every time you call for a pizza. Word hasn’t come out yet if you get calls reminding you to keep the lotion on its skin or you’ll get the hose again. Yes, it will, Precious, won’t it? It will get the hose!

The promo picture provided by LG seems to want us to think that this was all done to recreate the silky soft thighs of Asian women. Of course what also comes to mind is some psycho dude tucking back his junk while whispering sweet nothings to himself in a mirror, which is kind of a mood killer.