T-Mobile’s color palette

T-Mobile is clearly in need of an intervention. First were the claims of their much delayed but still super awesome 3G network that should be available in late summer (just in time for it to be almost completely obsolete) and now comes the claim that they own the color magenta and don’t want anyone else using it. They didn’t approach the fashion industry with these claims, no it was a blog that uses magenta but with far more restraint and taste than T-Mobile itself has ever shown.

And there lies the dilemma. Root for a large multi-national corporation that is looking to redefine the phrase ‘Power Trip’ or some website that has never overcharged me on my wireless bill? Hhmmm.. that’s a tough one, i’ll go with company that isn’t killing all the bees, not giving me brain tumors, or cutting down forest after forest to print its bills. Ok that was a little harsh, the bee thing is still up for debate.

This could just be a little jealousy from the Germans, perhaps all they want is a website that doesn’t look like it was drawn with a crayon. Maybe there is someone within the company with impeccable taste that can help them, yep you guessed it Sue Nokes V.P. of Wowing the Customer should be the inspiration for T-Mobile’s new site. Think animal prints and bejeweled glasses…so fierce!