Crackberry addiction spreads across nation


Research In Motion RIM (Nasdaq RIMM), the home of the Blackberry, just announced Q1 ’08 numbers and they continue to grow at an astonishing rate. Some of the highlights include 2.18 million new added subscribers in the quarter, which is a new record, which brings BlackBerry’s total amount of subscribers to over 14 mil.

The Waterloo based company earned an impressive $412.5 million, or 72 cents a share, up from a profit of $187.4 million from last year. Market forecasters expected earnings of around 68 so they outperformed most if not all expectations. Their outlook is even more impressive considering that the financial outlook in Uncle Sam’s back yard is less than stellar. Maybe the Jesus phone really isn’t dominating the smart phone market, its just the market is exploding right now.

RIM sees per-share profit of 82-86 cents; analysts expected 76 cents. This announcement has the stock jumping some 5+ points on the late show called Wall Street: After Hours. I for one will be calling my broker and he will once again pretend he has no idea who I am.