When old people attack


Walt Mossberg finds himself the scorn of many a Apple fanboy today with his retraction of his 3G iPhone in 60 days announcement. This should have been obvious to most, as you just shouldn’t get your tech news from someone that looks like he loves the early bird special, wants you off his lawn, and smells like old people. Yep, I said it, someone had to…Walt Mossberg is old!! Seriously, he remembers a time when TV hadn’t even been invented, it was called his childhood.

Now I can’t be that mad at him as he did screw with the 2nd scariest group of fans on the web but this does bring up a point, when is the proper age to start ignoring old people? Should there be sliding scale for the smarter ones? And once we’ve determined that they no longer serve a purpose, is Solent Green too cruel an ending? The answers are age 50, no, and hell no.