Windows Mobile 6.1


Windows newest version of their mobile operating system is coming out of the gates charging with both AT&T’s Tilt and the Samsung Blackjack II as the first handhelds available with Windows Mobile 6.1. The Motorola Q9c, HTC Touch, HTC Mogul and the Samsung Ace are soon to follow. This continues the trend of always having a vast amount of devices to choose from, something that has set it apart from its rivals.

The ease of installation in both networking and Outlook Exchange alone make it a solid performer. If not for a somewhat sluggish interface and at times confusing layouts, this would have been a noticeable step forward but alas it isn’t perfect or even close. The next gen iPhone and the Android might be bringing some serious game so time will tell if the big boys in Renton left their guard down just a tad too long.

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