AT&T Mobile has big 1st quarter


At&t Mobile has announced Q1 2008 numbers in which they added 1.295 million wireless customers, an 8.7% increase compared the first quarter of 2007. The numbers pushed the carrier’s customer base to more than 71.3 million subscribers. This is especially impressive considering they shut down their TDMA network and along with it 330,000 customers.

Churn remained at 1.7% per month during the quarter, however ARPU (avg revenue per unit) jumped 2% to $50.18 during the first quarter. This helped push revenues to $10.6 billion for the quarter. AT&T Mobility noted data services accounted for $2.3 billion, or 21.5%, of total service revenues. The strong growth nearly doubled it’s income from $1.5 billion during the first quarter of 2007 to $2.9 billion this year.