Bluetooth headset for both mobile phone and iPod



With the new JayBird Bluetooth Stereo Headset (130 bones) you can control both your phone and your MP3 player at the same time using the newest update to the A2DP protocol. As of now there aren’t any Bluetooth enabled iPods so an adapter will need to be purchased but expect that Bluetooth will be built in to most new MP3’s players just for the wireless headset capabilities alone and with the dual capabilities of this headset, it can only further develop wireless accessories.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that the iPod Touch doesn’t have Bluetooth built in? Was this strictly a price cutting measure or a deliberate attempt to not give the device any ‘phone’ features, so as to not anger the iPhone owners? I cant imagine the fanboys reaction would be all that favorable if the Touch could have Skype added and thus skirt all the network/subsidy lock issues of The Jesus Phone.

As for as I can find there is only one Bluetooth enabled MP3 player on the market and that is the Philips GoGear SA5245BT. I guess the industry is a little slow on this so lets this is a sign of things to come…and fast.