The 1st BlackBerry Flip Phone

Research in Motion hasn’t announced this and to be honest a lot of people want to think this is some type of hoax but some spy shots straight from the bathroom of some office seem to indicate otherwise. The fact is simple, it appears that the BlackBerry line will now include a flip phone, which is a radical departure from the email friendly keyboards that they are famous for in the business world. This seems to make sense as the flip phone market is a profitable one and with the growth RIM has been showing the past 18 months it should only help with the bottom line.

Some of what you can tell from the pics is that there is a camera, a touch sensitive joystick, and a fairly large screen for a clamshell. This seems to fly in the face of what having a BlackBerry device is all about but the Pearl has proved to be quite successful when the full keyboard models were seemingly better in all aspects. Like it or not here comes the BlackBerry KickStart……