HTC’s Diamond Touch


While HTC kept many of their upcoming devices under wraps at their ‘World Event’ they did give some people a little face time with the new Touch Diamond which has the new version of TouchFLO 3D interface. First impressions indicate that it is sexy as hell and more than little slick. The mobile OS is Microsoft’s best to date and appears to be winning over even the harshest critics with its speed and intuitive design.

HTC is trying to get their names into the lexicon of mobile phone users in the U.S. but when you hold an event like this, it would be prudent to unleash all that you have coming up through the pipeline. HTC didn’t come through with much of anything in this regard and that’s a shame because they are finally starting to look like a company on the rise. Why cell phone manufacturers don’t control the story on all their top secret devices is beyond me. Inevitably there will be a spy shot, then rumors and a whole lot of speculation will arise about if the specs are all wrong and that the photos are photoshopped. Of course this isn’t such a bad process for mobile websites but it tends to confuse consumers.

However with the TyTN III, Mogul II, Touch Pro Dual and even the super classified phone called of all things Raphael* being launched this year it could very well be the year of HTC’s American invasion.


*Unfortunately the only spy shots of the Raphael are so blurry and out of focus they had to be shot with a SideKick so you will not be see them here out of respect of the photo advancements in the past 80 years.