The HTC Dream (The Google Phone) photos leaked

After almost two years of shrouded secrecy that would make even Apple jealous, the first photos of the Android Powered Google Phone have been leaked in the form of The HTC Dream. The recent partnership announcement of T-Mobile, HTC, and Google declared that The HTC Dream will be the first Android enabled phone to come to market. More specifics would be outlined in September with an anticipated October release.

While details are still hard to come by, the pictures tell us what had only been speculation. A full qwerty keyboard that slides out and a touch screen interface that seems identical to the GUI presented at eComm in March by Google Engineering Director, Steve Horowitz (video here). The other known details are that the open source mobile operating system will be on the GSM platform, will feature a touchscreen with haptic feedback, and it will have WiFi support.

Now that the cat is essentially out of the bag, hopefully HTC and T-Mobile will be forthcoming with some detailed specs and high quality photos.



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