Blackberry Bold

The long wait for the new look in Blackberry’s ended this week with the launch of the BlackBerry Bold aka the 9000 via AT&T Mobile.

$399.99 upfront with a $100 rebate for new activations via AT&T.

$249.99 upfront with a $100 rebate for new activations through Amazon.

If this seems a little pricey, it is. To buy it outright is $645.00 and for that price I could get a couple of Eee Pc’s. The reason I think its somewhat overpriced is that the thing costs $169 to build which is a 300% markup. This is surprising considering Rim seems to have made a reputation by making somewhat affordable devices. I guess the final say in all this will be the sales figures and if the buzz of this device is any indication than it should continue to fill the coffers of the Canadian companies piggy banks.


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