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HTC’s Diamond Touch


While HTC kept many of their upcoming devices under wraps at their ‘World Event’ they did give some people a little face time with the new Touch Diamond which has the new version of TouchFLO 3D interface. First impressions indicate that it is sexy as hell and more than little slick. The mobile OS is Microsoft’s best to date and appears to be winning over even the harshest critics with its speed and intuitive design.

HTC is trying to get their names into the lexicon of mobile phone users in the U.S. but when you hold an event like this, it would be prudent to unleash all that you have coming up through the pipeline. HTC didn’t come through with much of anything in this regard and that’s a shame because they are finally starting to look like a company on the rise. Why cell phone manufacturers don’t control the story on all their top secret devices is beyond me. Inevitably there will be a spy shot, then rumors and a whole lot of speculation will arise about if the specs are all wrong and that the photos are photoshopped. Of course this isn’t such a bad process for mobile websites but it tends to confuse consumers.

However with the TyTN III, Mogul II, Touch Pro Dual and even the super classified phone called of all things Raphael* being launched this year it could very well be the year of HTC’s American invasion.


*Unfortunately the only spy shots of the Raphael are so blurry and out of focus they had to be shot with a SideKick so you will not be see them here out of respect of the photo advancements in the past 80 years.

Blackberry 9000 in the wild


Shockingly enough apparently all you need is $850.00 and a serious sense of faith and you too can buy a Blackberry 9000 some 4 months before it is launched. How is this possible? No one really knows especially considering that it came off Ebay and was shipped from Europe. The guys over at Crackberry had the guts to go for it and they were rewarded with Blackberry’s newest flag ship model.

Some of the first impressions seem to indicate what everyone was hoping for, a totally new UI and a screen that finally matches or surpasses many smart phones on the market today.

Specs as follows:

  • Bands – Quad-band GPRS/EDGE: 800/850/1800/1900MHz
  • HSDPA: 850/1900/2100MHz
  • Display – HVGA Color LCD (480à—320) *definitely*
  • Camera – 2MP *max resolution 1600 by 1200, file size around 500kb*
    • NO additional front facing camera on this unit
  • Wi-Fi – a,b,g
  • A-GPS
  • Processor — Intel XScale PXA270 @ 624MHz *based on previous rumors*
  • Externally Accessible expandable memory – microSD
  • Battery – 1500mAh
  • Weight – ~140grams or 5 oz
  • Operating System Software – version (67)
  • On Board Memory (File Total) — 73.4 MB (probably an even 96MB to begin with like the 8330 Curve)
  • On Board Memory (File Free as received) — 19.8 MB

Crackberry’s hands on review

Blackberry’s go dark and users go beserk


Blackberry service went down for about 12 hours yesterday and once again the wolves were nipping at RIM’s jugular. Some don’t seem to believe it was due to a software upgrade as that is just too similar to the 2007 outage. Others just want to vent their anger because they have come to depend on this service and don’t want to think it as unreliable in any way. I personally think that 28 hours of downtime in 8+ years is a pretty impressive track record and just indicates how reliable they have been.

And yet I kept looking to the screen hoping to see a flood of backlogged emails coming through, and yet nothing happened. I ponder what might have happened if the outage had lasted much longer to not only me but to our nations capitol where these devices would need to be surgically detached from most users. Would it be like the Old Testament, real wrath-of-God type stuff? With fire and brimstone coming down from the skies? Would rivers and seas begin to boil? Possibly a start of forty years of darkness? Would there be earthquakes and volcanoes… and would the dead begin rising from the grave? Perhaps even dogs and cats would start living together and thus create mass hysteria. Probably not, but hey its kinda fun to write about politicians being completely lost without instant access to corporate and government email systems.

Hey it wasn’t all bad, it gave power users the opportunity to get one of those BlackBerry Massages that all the kids are talking about. No word on if a happy ending is included but it can’t hurt to ask.


The all in one unlimted plan from Sprint


In what is a long time coming, a major wireless provider has announced a pilot program that gives an all in one unlimited plan that includes the major features of a power user: Unlimited voice calling, SMS (text messaging), Web, Email, and even MMS (picture messaging). There are some indications that BlackBerry isn’t included but is available as an add on.

This is just what SprintNextel needed to offer due to all its executive turnover, horrific activation numbers, and CHURN percentage. Will this right the sinking ship is the big question but I can imagine this being a hugely popular plan for many a Fortune 500 company as the bottom line is all that counts in these uncertain economic times.

The BGR boys got word that the launch cities are San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul regions. Let’s hope that wireless peeps in these areas jump all over this offering so that it launches nationwide.

Info via Sprint’s Internet Tubes

Hopefully SprintNextel will also take this as a hint that they should lower the prices on their phones, a look at their website lists 8 different phones at $199.99 and more. They also are selling the HTC Touch which is hot phone in the wireless biz but their price point of $250 makes it far less appealing. Sometimes a company shakeup is what is needed to give a company a new prospective, the launch of the Unlimited Access Plan is a great start but should be only the beginning in what should be a complete retooling of the mobile phone giant.

Mobile Phone Insider Websites

There are many a blog on the mobile industry around the old internet tubes and they all have opinions pertaining to their personal tastes, this being one of them. They serve the purpose of being both informative and entertaining, without them we would be in the dark about all things shiny and new and that would be a great disservice for people that love their mobile phones.

Sometimes though I tend to delve a bit deeper into the information that these sites avoid, the statistical, financial, and historical information that fascinates me. I am a student of the wireless industry and a big proponent of the philosophy of ‘how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve been.’

With that preamble out of the way, I present a few sites that I enjoy for their dedication to all things mobile:


A website for the GSMA, the global trade association that represents 700 GSM mobile phone operators and 200 phone manufacturers across 218 countries. Promotes all things GSM, the global mobile phone technology that provides service to over 2.6 billion users. Great resource for both the history of the mobile industry and what is currently happening including innovations such as:

  • Pay Buy Mobile – Turning your phone into a wireless credit card for secure purchases
  • Mobile Money Transfer – Mobile Phone Money Transfers with the focus on migrant workers who might not have bank accounts
  • 3G For All – Bringing affordable wireless highspeed data and devices to rural areas that have no access to broadband internet services.

w-adv.jpgExtensive coverage on the 1200 mobile phone markets and the over 300 mobile phone companies of the U.S. They offer news on all things mobile and have an impressive forum that has hundreds of thousands of posts on virtually any topic you could wish. Notable forum topics:

  • Cell Tower Hunting Club – Locations and pictures of cell sites around the globe
  • Working and Investing in the Wireless Industry – Insight into the inner workings of the mobile industry
  • Foro de Celulares en Espaà±ol – A Spanish Language Mobile Phone Forum

rcrw.jpgThe definitive source on all things in the Mobile Phone Industry. The place to be if you need to know about subscriber totals with churn rates for the last quarter along with who the corporate officers are company by company. Notable features of the site include:

  • Audible Glossary – An audio guide to all those acronyms the wireless industry loves so much
  • Stock Watch – A look at all the wireless companies on the Dow Jones and NASDAQ with customizable chart options
  • Wireless Hall of FameRecognizes those who have made significant contributions to wireless telecommunications

So there you go, some alternative websites that if read regularly will provide you with more knowledge than the current Senior Vice President of Customer Satisfaction of T-Mobile.

The SideKick Slide



This might come as a shock to you but Danger is set to launch multiple new SideKicks this year. The first will be The Slide which will be created by Danger, made by Motorola and sold by T-Mobile. Motorola was brought in apparently to help with the quality of manufacturing as the previous versions tended to malfunction (crash & burn). The Slide has a smaller but much higher quality screen, enhanced sms features and a new operating system. It is smaller than the planned SideKick 4 that should be coming sometime in the 4th quarter. As for this model expect to hear something soon about a possible August launch.

Most recent SideKicks Launched:
Dwayne Wades Dropping Dimes Edition
The Sidekick ID aka Trailer Park Edition
The Paris Hilton Prison Shank Edition

Boy Genius

Its not you its me


We’ve all heard this phrase from time to time and its never fun but Sprint has now put a new spin on the harshest dump line of all time. They took a look at how much it was costing them to deal with their most high maintenance customers and decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle, so they sent out letters essentially informing these users they could find their stuff on the front porch.

Having been in this industry I can attest to these types of customers, the ones with simply too much time on their hands or just the very lonely. I personally came across one account where the customer called in at least a dozen times a day for over two years. Each time with a story more unbelievable than the next, mostly involving a conspiracy involving him, Bill Gates and the Sears Tower. So you can imagine the resources that are used if you have a mere hundred of these colorful characters.

IT Business Edge

CNET article

Image and info courtesy of CNET

Apple IPhone Almost Here!

Probably the most anticipated cell phone I can recall hits stores in the coming month of June. Apple will be unveiling the IPhone to consumers and could probably charge just about whatever they wanted and people would still snatch them up at an unreal rate.

So, what is the latest buzz surrounding this highly sought after piece of technology? Glad you asked, and here you go…….

And if you aren’t already totally revved up, here is the commercial for the Apple IPhone as well….

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Google Cell Phones on the horizon?

The Cell Phone industry loves a juicy rumor. In fact, the technology community as a whole tends to dream things up, whipgoogle-survey-phone.jpg out their photoshop skills and make rumors come alive across the web. It’s pretty humorous sometimes how incredibly outrageous it can get. So, expect the Google Phone to be the next rumor mill favorite. Actually, the ole mill is already turning quite a bit.

~ Cellphone 9 starts some speculation regarding the Google Phone by stating that spyware could be a part of the Google Phone.

~ Engadget, the king of speculation, has mock up pics and seems to be at the forefront of the Google Phone rumors.

~ This rumor is so weird, that even the Sci-Fi nerds are writing about it!

~ These guys are past the rumor stage it appears, as they are ready to announce specs and stuff. Not sure how….

“The Google phone is now supposedly going to feature a flip QWERTY keypad, 2.0-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and 3G data support. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. “

Stay tuned for up to the minute , once in awhile updates on the Google Phone rumor mill!

Cell Phones to make you breakfast too!

Well, maybe not yet, but its gotta be in the future right? I mean, with this weeks news that cell phones will begin to act more and more as a remote control for your television, and with it already being a piece of technology that many cant live without, Im sure everything is fair game.

“As time goes by, we’ll be expanding what our customers can do remotely with a cell phone,” spokeswoman Amanda Ray said. “We anticipate introducing additional features.”AT&T

Here is a brief rundown of some news articles and opinions surrounding the new “Cellcellprogram.jpg Phone Television” technology.

~ Cell Phones to Record TV Shows

~ AT&T offers some video controls for your cell phone

And for some unbiased opinon, one of which we linked yesterday, but will again. Lets hand it over to the bloggers……

~ AT&T Launches scheduled recording by cell phone

~ Why Cell Phones With A Built In TV Remote is a Stupid Idea

Personally, I think its a kinda unecessary thing, but in a world of “you cant miss anything” and “you can do anything from anywhere”, im not surprised……