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BlackBerry Storm Launches 11/27

The long wait appears to be over as BlackBerry’s first foray into the touchscreen world has begun with the BlackBerry Storm. First off, the device looks like a serious contender for Mobile of The Year. It is sleek, shiny and the screen just pops out at you in both portrait and a stunning landscape mode that BlackBerry lovers have been waiting 9 years to see. Its got anything and everything a smart phone should have and more except of course for WiFi which seems odd and out of place nowadays, I mean even the lacking G1 has wireless capabilities. The highlights are as follows:

3 MegaPixel Camera that supports both still and video
GPS with BlackBerry Maps
Corporate Data Access
1 GB internal memory with support for microSD
MMS (hint hint Apple)
Stereo Bluetooth
High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display
MP3 ringtones
Tethering capabilities
Wireless Modem
On screen keyboard: portrait SureType® and Multi-tap, QWERTY landscape
Microsoft Exchange Support

  • UMTS/HSPA: 2100 MHz
  • North America: 850 MHz GSM®/GPRS networks
  • North America: 1900MHz GSM/GPRS networks
  • Europe/Asia Pacific: 1800MHz GSM/GPRS networks
  • Europe/Asia Pacific: 900MHz GSM/GPRS networks
  • Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/Ev-DO networks

It touts a revolutionary tactile response with a technology they call SurePress, it feels like you are touching real keys and a real keyboard eliminating one of the biggest complaints with touch screen devices. The only real draw back I see is that it is being sold on the Verizon network which isn’t GSM now is it? Not sure the reason Research In Motion went this route but my guess it was cold hard cash as opposed to common sense. Luckily its a quad band phone that can do just about every network and data system outside of Sprint. The tough part of the equation is if you want this thing unlocked for your worldly GSM network get out the Amex card and be prepared to pay upwards of a thousand, yes bones or clams or whatever you call them.

This is the device that could put BlackBerry into the mainstream but with a price like that it just might be pricing itself out of the game before the national anthem is even sung. That’s not to say its not an impressive smartphone but anything over the $500 range isn’t going to get many takers in the economic landscape we now find ourselves in. Lets hope soon there after its hits T-Mobile or AT&T with a large subsidy that puts it in the $300 2 year contract range sometime after the holidays.

Verison has announced a launch of November 21st and a price of $199 with a 2 year contract after a $50 rebate

As of today it has launched in the U.K. on Vodafone and is free with a 2 year contract and a £29.79 per month rate plan.



Cool hands on demo

Storm Specs

Blackberry’s Operating System, mobile email for the masses



Today in our continuing look at mobile phone software we concentrate on the most overlooked of the bunch and one that essentially changed the way we communicate.

Research In Motion (RIM) invented mobile email as we know it and blew the doors off of what slim offerings were available. Up until they came aboard all that we could do was synch a PDA with a computer and setting up that email account took a software engineer. I personally remember spending many an hour with a Jornada to no avail.

When the first Blackberry came onto the scene, the 5700 series, few where impressed. It was a data only device, was very complicated and its interface was difficult to navigate. More often than not it crashed and the reboot process took up to five minutes to complete. And yet, once you got your account set up and you suddenly had the ability to send and receive email instantly it was if you had found the Holy Grail of email. In addition you were also able to hook up a BES server at you office and have corporate email as well, allowing you to keep in touch with your workplace from such locations as the golf course or a business conference.

Some seven plus years later many have tried to duplicate them but all they really have achieved is the ability to sign into your Gmail or Yahoo account through the phones browser. This is of course not the same and this accounts for the Blackberry being the dominant mobile device of Government and Corporate landscapes.

Some might blame the Blackberry for changing the way business is done and not for the better. Being able to communicate instantly with business associates can have an adverse affect on ones private life. Studies have suggested that every time we hear that beep indicating the arrival of a new message, we get an endorphin rush. Some might call it staying ahead of the game while others consider it an addiction, thus the term CrackBerry. Even with all the supposed ‘negative’ aspects it has become an invaluable tool. To be able to send receive open and edit attachments at any hour has increased productivity dramatically.

RIM has now added everything from WiFi to GPS to Cameras into their SmartPhones that don’t resemble anything like their humble beginnings. They are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and as multi functional as anything else in the mobile landscape. With version 4.3 of their software set to launch in February, many are anticipating big changes that will continue to keep Blackberry at the forefront of SmartPhone development.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

For those BlackBerry users out there I would recommend joining the Owners Lounge for everything from the latest downloads to tricks and tips to info on upcoming model launches.





Nokia must be butter cause they are on a roll


Nokia is leading the way in the mobile phone industry with innovation and massive profitability and its paying off huge for their stock holders. Lets break the recently announced numbers down and yes there is math involved so get out that number 2 pencil folks…just kidding.

Net Sales of 12.6 Billion (That’s Billion with a B people) which is an increase of 2.7 Billion over Q2 ‘o6 earnings. A Gross profit of 3.9 Billion (Thats nearly 4 Billion in 3 months) which amounts to an increase of 700 million over Q2 ’06 earnings. Nokia now has an estimated 38% market share which dominates the mobile industry.

This news caused Motorola to fall to its knees and start weeping uncontrollably like the dude that Jessica Alba just kicked to the curb. They pondered aloud that they have really really thin phones and that it is all customers want so what was the problem? I sent them a text message advising that direct sales and unlocked mobile phones are really what people want but they didn’t respond, which is really bad texting etiquette. Perhaps they were just really engrossed in TRL due to all of its cutting edge interviewing and just forgot to respond or maybe they were just using the T-Mobile network and it was one of the 25% of the messages that never reach their intended destination.

Whatever the reasons lets hope that not only they but the rest of the mobile phone manufacturers start to adopt the ways of Nokia. However with Apple and AT&T taking such steps to make sure that no one can unlock the iPhone its doubtful that a change in the industry will be coming anytime soon. One can understand the reason why AT&T would take the steps it did to ensure only its network would work with the Jesus Phone but Apple really shouldn’t care as sales is what they want and need. One can imagine what kind of sales that T-Mobile and every other GSM provider in the world rack up if they were able to sell the iPhone.

Why Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, Palm, Samsung or even Research in Motion would allow other companies to unlock their products and sell them at a markup is beyond me. Nokia has proven the market exists for direct sales and as proof they shipped 9 million Nokia N-Series Phones and almost 2 million Nokia E-Series devices during the second quarter of 2007 alone. The focus on high end devices, like the Nokia N-95, allowed the company to gain an additional 4% of the handset market share. This has completely caught analysts off guard and they continue to be amazed at Nokia’s huge profits and sales.

This all points to the fact that Nokia’s dominance will continue as they take the chances that keep them ahead of the curve, CTO Tero Ojanper predicts when the features of the N95 are common place around the world in 2-3 years the mobile entertainment business will explode and Nokia will be there ahead of the pack once again. Few could argue with this assessment as focusing on the European and Asian markets have helped them stay on the cutting edge and that is exactly where the competition wishes they were.


The tanking of a cellphone company

How angry have you been at you cellphone company? We’ve all had a call drop at an inconvenient time, perhaps a billing error, and maybe even a brand new phone fizzled out and they wouldn’t replace it with anything but a used one. Ok we have all been there, but at what point do you have to get to when you steal a tank and start ramming it into cellphone towers until they crumble under the weight of your armored vehicle?

I don’t have the answer to why you would do it but apparently one man in Australia who works for the cellphone company in question, had a slight disagreement with his employer and the end result was his decision to go look for a tank to steal. He was actually quite successful in his goal of ramming many a cell tower but the cops found out its not that easy to stop a tank, but alas he found out the one problem with a tank…yep you guessed it gas mileage. The cops simply followed him until the tank was dry and then all they had to do was wrestle him to the ground then shackle him up and book him on numerous counts that don’t seem to involve the charge of stealing a tank. Perhaps he just borrowed it from a neighbor.

What are the reasons for such a lapse in judgment? Perhaps a few too many shrimp on the barbie? Naaah my guess it was a combination of about 22 brews and anger about not getting an iPhone is Aussieland till the end of the year. I’d sure like to hear what the customer reps were telling people who called into to complain. Umm we seemed to have had a slight disturbance in our network today, can I offer you 10 bonus minutes?

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

The Nokia E90 – The do everything $1k cell phone


Does the price of the iPhone make you yawn? Do the feature specs of the BlackBerry Edge make you laugh like a school girl? Do you want a cell phone big enough to put a dent in your Rolls Royce Phantom? Ok then you yawning giggling rage addict, here is the phone for you.

Features/Specs (lots of them)
HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbit/s enabled) and 3G high-speed mobile broadband
3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus
GSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)
Integrated GPS
WLAN: 802.11b, 802.11g*
Stereo FM radio
Inner: (800 x 352 pixels), 16 million true colors
Outer: (240 x 320 pixels), 16 million true colors
QCIF camera for video calling. (640×480) at up to 30 fps.
Supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP
Text-to-speech message reader
Voice recording for recording conversations
Internet Call release 2.1 for making VoIP calls
Text-to-speech message reader
Integrated handsfree speaker
Push to talk
Web browser (x)HTML
JavaScript 1.3 and 1.5
Flash Lite 2.0 s
Up to 128MB free memory for user data and applications
Extendible up to 2GB with microSD memory card
Mini USB, USB 2.0 full-speed
Bluetooth 2.0
Infrared (up to 115 kbps)
Video calling, video streaming
Music player (MP3, AAC)
Media player
Talk Time up to 5.8 hrs GSM

I am not sure if this phone is missing anything, it is actually quite amazing. Sure its a little big and sure its an expensive piece of machinery but if you have the means and you want everything that can be humanly stuffed into a phone then go for it, remember…you cant take it with you.

Reserve It
Video Hands on

Apple IPhone Almost Here!

Probably the most anticipated cell phone I can recall hits stores in the coming month of June. Apple will be unveiling the IPhone to consumers and could probably charge just about whatever they wanted and people would still snatch them up at an unreal rate.

So, what is the latest buzz surrounding this highly sought after piece of technology? Glad you asked, and here you go…….

And if you aren’t already totally revved up, here is the commercial for the Apple IPhone as well….

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Cell Phone Karma

Ran across this Cell Phone Commercial today titled, “Cell Phone Karma”.  It’s a Kyocera spot and there is a crazy squirrel in it that reminds me an awful lot of the one I have seen recently in a Bud Light commercial.  Have a look and a laugh below.

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Kyocera Commercial

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Bud Light Commercial

Cell Phone Time Warp – Radio Shack Commericial

Today on Cell Phone Time Warp, we have an old Radio Shack commercial to laugh at, share with you. A spot from the 1980’s that was sent over to France for some dubbing, this commercial showcases a “car phone” with a price tag of about 1400$ and a brick phone that ran for about 1k more. Makes that IPhone seem pretty cheap eh?

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Luke Johnson, the ultimate Telecomm CSR Rep!

You may or may not be familiar with this dude, Luke Johnson. Johnson started off months ago by making a little You Tube video that was about a minute long and posting it on the web for all to see. It included Luke asking for your phone calls to his cell phone, anytime of the day or night as a part of his “cell phone experiment.”luke-cnn.jpg

Well, its been some time now, with lots of Videos in the meantime, and good ole Luke is over 100,00 calls. He does a vid update here and rocks a Threadless t-shirt to boot. And lookie here, his cell phone is a significant upgrade to when things got started. Sponsorship? We wouldnt be surprised if some cell company came along and offered their wares to be seen in Luke home videos that so many people cant get enough of. His videos get around 100,000 views and he has been profiled on CNN, and his local news as well.

luke100.jpgTelecomm companies have gotta be throwing some major contracts at this guy to be their new Customer Serivce Rep extrodinaire! I mean, if dude can answer calls like that, day and night, think about all the Federal Excise Tax credits he could refund or refuse in a cube at Verizon! He could very well be the Lebron James of the CSR world. You’ve been warned Telecomm industry. Oh and by the way, if you want to call Luke, you can do so at 602-435-3694. Keep calling! If he reaches 200,000 then well, nothing continues to happen!

Its weird and it involes Cell Phones #2

As if our last installment of “its weird” wasnt enough to proved the oddities surrounding our favorite mobile medium are at an all time high, we uncovered these little ditties.

  1. Some people just cant be trusted with Cell Phones it seems. Head on over to Kentucky and read the story of some county employees that had their work celly’s repossessed after they couldnt help but call psychic and dating phone lines. Good idea, work probably wont notice…..
  2. This may seem like the norm for many, but Cell Phones for 9 and 10 year olds? Who can they possibly be talking to? And more importantly, how can they be paying for this? Oh yeah, parents with deep pockets I guess. The same debate involving IPods is also being discussed.
  3. And in the wake of Valentines Day last week, how about a cell phone love story? Looks like India has quite a few of them, if the quote below is evidence.

…….technology played a role in arranged marriages, something most of the participants considered as an option for finding a partner.

“The mobile phone makes it a little easier to facilitate an arranged marriage at a distance,”

Awwww, isnt that,…….a little creepy?

4. And speaking of creepy, how about the idea that the “oh so loveable” US Government could be listening to your cell phone conversations? Well, this Fox News Video sheds some light on the possibility. And whats worse is the FBI apparently has the ability to activate a mic in your cellphone and listen in, even when you arent using the phone! Yikes!