Direct cell phone sales from Nokia


In our continuing look at purchasing cell phones from alternative avenues other than your wireless company, we look at Nokia and their new approach to direct sales.

In what is a new business model for Cell Phone manufacturers, Nokia has decided to sell their phones directly to customers via This change has many hopeful that the industry will follow suit and unlocked phones will be sold on every manufacturer website.

e62.jpgFor example right now you would hard pressed to find Nokia’s answer to the BlackBerry anywhere but they are selling the Nokia E62 directly and even unlocked for $349.99 with free two day shipping.

Feature set Nokia E62:
Remote and local (peer-to-peer) synchronization over Bluetooth technology, IR or data cable
Bluetooth wireless technology 2.022
HTML browsing with Nokia Browser1,2,12
EGPRS (Class B, MSC 10)1,15
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Multislot Class 101,15
GSM Circuit-Switched Data up to 14.4 and 43.2 (HSCSD) kbps
320 x 240 pixel active matrix display with up to 16 million colors
Support for personal and business email accounts such as POP, IMAP (with idle) and SMTP1
Supports third party email clients: Good Mobile Messaging, BlackBerry Connect, Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email, Mail for Exchange (Microsoft ActiveSync) and Xpress Mail 1
Attachments viewers and editors support the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003). Compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader
Instant Messaging client (Yahoo, AOL, OMA)1
SMS distribution list
Email LED indicator, vibrate and tones to alert you of new email
Full messaging keyboard for easy text and data input

n95sm.jpgNext is the best camera phone ever produced, the Nokia N95 and it sells for a cool $749.00.

Nokia N95 Feature Set:
5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 pixels) with DVD like quality camera, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, MPEG-4 VGA video capture of up to 30 fps
GPS mapping
Large 2.6″ QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display with ambient light detector and up to 16 million colors
Data WCDMA 2100 (HSDPA) with simultaneous voice and packet data (PS max speed UL/DL= 384/3.6MB, CS max speed 64kbps)
Up to 5 megapixel
S60 software on Symbian OS
Speaker independent name dialing (SIND)
Integrated hands-free speaker
Voice recorder
Talking ringtones

Why are they doing this? Because they are the dominant Cell Phone manufacturer in the world but have had a hard time dominating the US market and maybe this is a way to shake up the way things are done. It seems that their products are too advanced for our market and only the basic models are sold through US Wireless Companies. Hopefully when all these companies get their collective acts together and we start seeing the HDSPA that we should have existed last year this trend will change and we just might start to catch up to the rest of the world…..but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Apple iPhone sales lower than expected


When the iPhone launched many analysts predicted up to 500,000 units being sold the first weekend, however reality set in today when the real numbers were announced by AT&T and that number was about 146,000 customers. This caused Apple’s stock to tumble more than 3% and some people are now saying that with the numbers announced and how available the iPhone seems to be all across the country that it might not be the sales powerhouse that at one point it was destined to be.

Speculations is that a lot of customers were hesitant because of the fact that AT&T doesn’t have a high speed network so download speeds wouldnt be capable of handling what the actual device was intended for. Not to mention in recent days there has been a lot of negative stories about the iPhone, for instance a bug report that detailed over 68 problems with the software emerged from AppleHound , even though some don’t think its a problem due to it being an all new device I beg to differ as I never heard these kind of issues with RIM’s BlackBerry or even Motorola’s BlackJack.

Some of the bugs seem to be troubling as fuctions as simple as the clock and the calendar can cause the device to crash or freeze. Add this to the battery problems and the newly announced security issue where a hacker could take complete control of the device remotely using its internet connection by installing a piece of malicious code via its Safari internet browser. Add all of this with the fact that more than a few sources are questioning the security of the device and this could spell trouble for not only Apple but for AT&T which reportedly shelled out big bucks for the exclusive rights to sell the Jesus Phone.

Sales Figures

Hack Story

The LG Prada Phone, HTC Advantage, and Sony Ericsson K800i


We continue our look today at alternative ways to buy the cell phone of your dreams without having to sign a contract.

Expansys has been around for a few years and generally caters to the gotta have it now customers for whom price isn’t that big of a concern. However with the cell phones evolution into a status symbol more and more people are looking not just for the newest and greatest wireless product but for that elusive European phone that will never come across the pond. The sole purpose of which is to make all your friends green with envy.

Imagine the next time your at the mall and suddenly see a group from a nearby senior center all sporting the Jesus Phone with a holster that mounts right on their scooter. Suddenly that $600 investment doesn’t seem so cool anymore and it reminds you of the time your little kid sister asked to borrow your Metallica CD and it immediately made you question your belief system.

And that is why there is a huge demand for exclusivity and companies like Expansys are filling that void with the U.S. version of their popular U.K. site called Mobile Planet. It has virtually any phone you’ve heard of and a whole plethora of those that you haven’t.

sony-k800i-sm.jpgLooking for a camera phone? Well how about the Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot that sports a 3.1 mega-pixel camera with Autofocus and PictBridge technology.

htc-advantage-sm.jpgA Smart Phone? Try the HTC Advantage on for size with it’s Tri-band HSDPA/UMTS, Quad band GSM/GPRS, a 624 MHz Processor, 128MB of RAM, and a 8GB HDD. Not to mention a massive 5” Touch Sensitive TFT LCD with LED backlight. As well as inbuilt GPS plus TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 and full detachable keyboard.

prada-sm.jpgName recognition? Try the LG Prada phone that looks every bit as stylish as the iPhone but adds a 3″ electro-conductivity LCD touch screen display with a stunning 320 x 480 pixel resolution, in addition to a 2 mega-pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics.

However you do have to pay for all the goodies and some of the markups are surprisingly high but thats the price you pay for unlocked, unlaunched, and un-frickin-believable wireless phone technology.

GSM Arena Sony Ericsson K800i Review

CNET HTC Advatage Review

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Info and images courtesy of eXpansys

HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger


This week at Content Quake we will be looking at alternatives to the standard of getting new cell phones directly through your cellphone provider.

Ultimately it costs about $1000 for a wireless company to get you to sign the initial contract on the dated line, so these companies have a lot of leeway in how much they will give you to stay as their customer. If you are not on a contract you are in the perfect position to get yourself a free or highly discounted phone, of course you will have to sign yet another contract to get anything like this. Sometimes its in your best interest to keep your options open and purchase a phone outside the system of contracts (see iPhone).

First up is a virtual do all phone from Hewlett Packard, the HP Ipaq 510 Voice Messenger Quad band GSM, WiFi (allowing Skype) and Windows Mobile 6.0 which allows for a huge amount of programs and flexibility. But most important this phone can be had for $319.99 right now, no contracts and hassle with warranties and who actually owns your phone.

  • • TI OMAP 850 processor (200MHz)
  • • Windows Mobile 6.0
  • • 64MB SDRAM, 128MB Flash ROM
  • • Integrated WiFi (802.11b/g) with WPA2 security, Bluetooth wireless technology
  • • Integrated Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless radio with automatic band transition
  • • 2″ micro-reflective TFT screen with LED backlight
  • • Micro SD slot
  • • 1100 mAh battery
  • • One-year limited warranty

  • CNET Review

    HP Shopping

Motorola’s First WiFi Phone

It looks as though Motorola is finally getting on the WiFi bandwagon with an update to the Motorola MOTORIZR Z3. The code name is Marco and and would be a perfect companion with T-Mobile’s @Home service but those who know how little importance T-Mobile seems to put on getting phone exclusives it is highly doubtful that this will be on the Get More Network anytime soon. One thing is for sure, they need to get a device that will attract new and high end users and so far that just isn’t the case.

Boy Genius Gallery


Apple iPhone updates


Nothing all that exciting has been happening in the world of the iPhone but the accumulation of stories warrants some coverage.

First it appears that the firm Colorware has decided to put their personal touch on the iPhone with custom paint jobs in 29 different styles.


No matter how many denials take place the persistent rumor of a revamped or Nano model of the iPhone seems destined to happen. AppleInsider reports that the Apple road map for 2007 has two different handsets in the pipeline.

Story Link

The road to unlocking the Jesus phone seems to be taking a tad longer than some had hoped but the first step in the process has fallen with iPhone Dev Wiki detailing how to use any AT&T SIM card, including Go Phones.

Boy Genius

The AIM client can now be used all you need to do is point that browser to FlickIM and soon you’ll be chatting with Chris Hansen and Co.

Via Gizmodo

And last but certainly not least, Louis Vuitton has decided to grace the iPhone with a $1120 Alligator case destined to make all you gay friends jealous.

Money to burn

Cell Phone Skin Infections


Have you ever wondered where that rash came from? Does your doctor laugh when you tell him you have no idea where you got that infection? Perhaps there’s a foul odor that seems to follow you wherever you go? The answers to these questions might not be your sexual proclivities, it could be the fact that your phone has more germs than Paris Hiltons Chapstick.

Professor Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona has been studying the germs that are on cellphones and has found thousands of types of bacteria living on about 40% of the phones tested. These could be the cause of that red itchy rash you thought you caught from that girl you met who loves Appletini’s a little too much.

So from this you can do three things:

1. Never use someone else’s phone
2. Clean up your own phone with some anti-bacterial wipes
3. Get back at your roommate who stole your girlfriend by rubbing your phone all over his pillow


Launch News: BlackBerry 8820


This is a model that has virtually everything that Crackberry addicts have been waiting for: WiFi, UMA, and GPS. However there seems to be rumors out there that is only coming to the UK, this of course makes no sense as European networks have no idea what Edge is as they have had 3G longer than we’ve had GSM.

Some might point to the fact that this device has no camera but I for one applaud the efforts to not have yet another bad camera added to a great multi-functional device. Blackberry devices are great for email, browsing, opening attachments, texting, and for having great signal footprints and this device seems to be no different in that regard but with the addition of UDA which allows for seamless WiFi to Cellular transfer along with the GPS capabilities this just might be the perfect mobile office. Of course we hope that the data gets upgraded to UMTS in the next model however with RIM’s seemingly novel approach of actually listening to their customers this should happen soon enough.

This will seemingly launch with AT&T even though it seems to fit perfectly with T-Mobile’s @Home service.

Link [Via]

The tanking of a cellphone company

How angry have you been at you cellphone company? We’ve all had a call drop at an inconvenient time, perhaps a billing error, and maybe even a brand new phone fizzled out and they wouldn’t replace it with anything but a used one. Ok we have all been there, but at what point do you have to get to when you steal a tank and start ramming it into cellphone towers until they crumble under the weight of your armored vehicle?

I don’t have the answer to why you would do it but apparently one man in Australia who works for the cellphone company in question, had a slight disagreement with his employer and the end result was his decision to go look for a tank to steal. He was actually quite successful in his goal of ramming many a cell tower but the cops found out its not that easy to stop a tank, but alas he found out the one problem with a tank…yep you guessed it gas mileage. The cops simply followed him until the tank was dry and then all they had to do was wrestle him to the ground then shackle him up and book him on numerous counts that don’t seem to involve the charge of stealing a tank. Perhaps he just borrowed it from a neighbor.

What are the reasons for such a lapse in judgment? Perhaps a few too many shrimp on the barbie? Naaah my guess it was a combination of about 22 brews and anger about not getting an iPhone is Aussieland till the end of the year. I’d sure like to hear what the customer reps were telling people who called into to complain. Umm we seemed to have had a slight disturbance in our network today, can I offer you 10 bonus minutes?

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Money money everywhere…With Google AdSense Mobile


Google has decided that mobile browsing isn’t awful enough so they want to stick an add or three on every mobile web page. This week they have started Beta testing their AdSense Mobile service and you too can be the next blog millionaire just like me. All you need to do is start hoarding all the mobile domains names and then all you’ll need to do is figure out what shade you want your mansion to be painted and what type of exotic Llamas to order for your private zoo.

All kidding aside this might be a way for a lot of websites to earn some money that will ultimately let them survive in this rough and tumble industry. My hope is that people will rise up and demand that all advertising will be split amongst us all as aren’t we all buying the products?
PC World Article

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