The Nokia E90 – The do everything $1k cell phone


Does the price of the iPhone make you yawn? Do the feature specs of the BlackBerry Edge make you laugh like a school girl? Do you want a cell phone big enough to put a dent in your Rolls Royce Phantom? Ok then you yawning giggling rage addict, here is the phone for you.

Features/Specs (lots of them)
HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbit/s enabled) and 3G high-speed mobile broadband
3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus
GSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)
Integrated GPS
WLAN: 802.11b, 802.11g*
Stereo FM radio
Inner: (800 x 352 pixels), 16 million true colors
Outer: (240 x 320 pixels), 16 million true colors
QCIF camera for video calling. (640×480) at up to 30 fps.
Supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP
Text-to-speech message reader
Voice recording for recording conversations
Internet Call release 2.1 for making VoIP calls
Text-to-speech message reader
Integrated handsfree speaker
Push to talk
Web browser (x)HTML
JavaScript 1.3 and 1.5
Flash Lite 2.0 s
Up to 128MB free memory for user data and applications
Extendible up to 2GB with microSD memory card
Mini USB, USB 2.0 full-speed
Bluetooth 2.0
Infrared (up to 115 kbps)
Video calling, video streaming
Music player (MP3, AAC)
Media player
Talk Time up to 5.8 hrs GSM

I am not sure if this phone is missing anything, it is actually quite amazing. Sure its a little big and sure its an expensive piece of machinery but if you have the means and you want everything that can be humanly stuffed into a phone then go for it, remember…you cant take it with you.

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The Motorola SCPL aka The Saipan


The off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush Motorola Saipan appears to be close to production and with everyone seemingly in love with all things shiny, the phones polished Titanium Alloy exterior will turn a few heads. It has Bluetooth 2.0, a 3 Megapixel Camera, EDGE, and USB 2.0. But to be honest nothing really stands out on this phone except the finish, which from what I’ve seen looks like a mirror in the sun. So if you land on a deserted island you could use this thing to get rescued or to check to see how your highlights are holding up.

It is also reported to be the thinest phone in the history of thinest phones that Motorola has already made. Coming in at .25 inches it makes Nicole Richey look like a disgusting hog beast that first appeared in the movie The Devil’s Advocate (no its not Charlize Theron but your not far off). Is this actually a design people clamor for? Who needs a phone slimmer than a dime because if a RZR in your back pocket makes your ass look huge it might be the Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream and not the cell phone.

Side Note: Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream is sooo freakin’ good and thats why I use a BlackBerry

The SideKick Slide



This might come as a shock to you but Danger is set to launch multiple new SideKicks this year. The first will be The Slide which will be created by Danger, made by Motorola and sold by T-Mobile. Motorola was brought in apparently to help with the quality of manufacturing as the previous versions tended to malfunction (crash & burn). The Slide has a smaller but much higher quality screen, enhanced sms features and a new operating system. It is smaller than the planned SideKick 4 that should be coming sometime in the 4th quarter. As for this model expect to hear something soon about a possible August launch.

Most recent SideKicks Launched:
Dwayne Wades Dropping Dimes Edition
The Sidekick ID aka Trailer Park Edition
The Paris Hilton Prison Shank Edition

Boy Genius

A renewed plea for Bluetooth and hands free headsets

In a recent survey of medical providers in Greece, some 70 percent said there is evidence linking mobile phone usage with cancer and are urging little to no use for children under the age of 16. The conference organized by the Athens Medical School was a gathering of health specialists from around the globe.

Recently in the news you have heard of low sperm counts in men, possible brain cancer, and even the death of bees all being blamed on cell phone use. There are currently a few long term studies underway that look at everything from the casual user to the heavy user in both kids and adults. But one thing is certain, if you want a little piece of mind take another look at a wireless headset that we all hope will become included in all cell phone retail packages(Hint Hint Big 4). Plus wearing one of these makes you look either cool or crazy depending on the view of those around you. Trust me the cool and the crazy get everything they want just ask TLC.

And let’s not forget that Jessica Biel loves her Bluetooth, particularly on the beach where keeping her hands free is essential so that she doesn’t get all the cocoa butter she rubs all over her amazingly stunning and supple body on her new phone.


Link to story

Debate on findings

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M500 GSM/MP3/MP4 Cellphone Watch


Hey you getting burned out with the same old clamshell designs? Was the iPhone just not expensive enough for you? Do you want to be James Bond without the tight swimming trunks? Well if you answered yes to these questions, the $830 M500 Watch Phone is now ready to put a dent in your credit rating.

It has 80 hours standby time
Full sms functionality
Bluetooth compatibility
Dial Up Networking
An MP3 and Mp4 Player
128 Mb Memory
USB connectivity for software uploads and downloads
199 number memory storage
Possible laser beam upgrade
40 embedded real ring tones tones and
And did I mention its a freaking mobile phone watch?

You Tube Demo
Info and images courtesy of MyMobileWatch

Introducing the FIC Neo1973


The product that just might change everything about how a phone is created and sold is now in the beginning stages of operations. This is a collaboration between mobile phone manufacturer First International Computer and OpenMoko Software where the goal is to bring open source mobile software and an unlocked device together where it can be personalized by the individual user. Putting power into the users hands has become a hot button topic as Congress has been considering why are cellphones which are outright owned by the consumer are locked down to one particular cell phone company.

This is still in the early phases and most of the advancements and capabilities will have to be created by the open source community but so far some of the aspects that have been announced have some quite excited.

Processor: Samsung 2442 @ 400 MHz SoC
Screen: 2.8″ 480×640 at 285 ppi
Storage 256MB – Use of expandalbe MicroSD
Ram: 128MB
Wireless: Quad-band GSM, GPRS Class12/CS4 2.5G , Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi
Embedded Devices: GPS and 2 3D Accelerometers

There are some notable drawbacks like the low speed data connection, 1.1 USB, and seemingly no video. Some of these things seem odd as it is capable hardware wise of being quite powerful. I am sure many things will change but in the meantime it is exciting to hear about something other than a $700 sim locked phone with a two year contract that might be obsolete within less than a year.

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Iphone Neo comparo

Info and images courtesy of OpenMoko

Mission Impenetrable: Porn on US Cell Phones


In China there is a constant threat that at any moment your cell phone will be inundated with graphic picture messages displaying people in different states of undress, with the hopes that your arousal will persuade you to take some time out of your day to visit a XXX site. Some worry that if this were to happen here in America, where pornography is one of the largest businesses in the country, it would negatively impact our puritan ways.

Some have even proposed measures to ensure that such tactics will be impossible to deploy here if the proper manipulations to Internet Protocols are completed. This of course, brings up the matter of free speech something China doesn’t have to worry itself with. Things of course are different in the states and when billions of dollars are at stake this issue will no doubt be one that ends up and is ultimately decided in court.

In the meantime now that the high-speed 3G networks are being deployed in America don’t be shocked if some day in the near future, you receive some attractive woman’s naked body in your cell phones inbox via text message and what an awful experience that will surely be.



A quick look at the LG Muziq


LG has updated the Fusic with a 3G version that has all the bells and whistle one might need if you have Sprint.

Technology CDMA (1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA)
Data Transmission High-Speed EVDO
Dimensions 3.80” (H) x 1.94” (W) x 0.61” (D)
Weight 3.14 oz.
Display Internal LCD: 262K Color TFT, 176 x 220 Pixels, 11 Lines External LCD: 262K Color TFT, 128 x 160 Pixels, 10 Lines

One-Touch Speakerphone
Bluetooth Stereo Headset Support for Listening to Music
Print Photos to a PictBridge Printer via USB
POP3 E-Mail Client
Java 2.0 Support for Content Downloads
64MB microSD card + SD adapter included. Phone supports up to a 4GB memory card (sold separately).

One Sentence Review: A true 3G phone that has a quick intuitive menu, excellent music capabilities (including a good FM transmitter) and stylish design.

LG Muziq

All info and images courtesy of LG

Its not you its me


We’ve all heard this phrase from time to time and its never fun but Sprint has now put a new spin on the harshest dump line of all time. They took a look at how much it was costing them to deal with their most high maintenance customers and decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle, so they sent out letters essentially informing these users they could find their stuff on the front porch.

Having been in this industry I can attest to these types of customers, the ones with simply too much time on their hands or just the very lonely. I personally came across one account where the customer called in at least a dozen times a day for over two years. Each time with a story more unbelievable than the next, mostly involving a conspiracy involving him, Bill Gates and the Sears Tower. So you can imagine the resources that are used if you have a mere hundred of these colorful characters.

IT Business Edge

CNET article

Image and info courtesy of CNET

Google to Offer “One Number for Life”


Can there be any more proof that Google will be launching a GSM/VoiP Phone with their acquisition of Grand Central today.

The feature list from GrandCentral are virtually all innovations in their fields, like:

Letting people call you from a webpage link: Ensuring your privacy
Switching phones in the middle of a call: In case your battery or signal gets weak
Visual voicemail for your mobile phone: Checking messages in any order
Letting you block callers instantly: Stop those pesky bill collectors or psycho ex’s
Allowing all your numbers to be transferred to just one phone:
Perhaps even your Google phone?
Real time voicemail allowing you to hear the message being left:
Reversing track on call screening
Recording Calls: For blogging purposes perhaps
Personalize your voicemail greetings by caller or group:
Changing from a business to a personal message depending on the caller

So what does this all mean? At the very least, Google is planning a VoIP phone but after the success Apple has had in the mobile phone business it just might have higher aspirations. Some say this would go against everything that Google is about while others advise they would simply get someone else to manufacture it and score an exclusive agreement with some cell phone company guaranteeing them a massive profit. And we all know that is what Google is truly all about.

Grand Central