New writer announcement

Content Quake in their infinite wisdom have hired me to begin writing for the Cell Phone Zone. I have worked in the wireless industry for over six years and am plugged into everything this technology has to offer. My topics will include reviews, breaking news, developments, and the rumors and hearsay that make this topic so much fun to follow.

I will be covering all technologies and will not just focus on a particular platform like GSM or CDMA but the entire industry. With the advent of music, video, and data connections this will allow us to explore a broad range of topics about what truly matters. I look forward to this being an socially active environment where readers make a positive impact on the site as a whole. Thank you for your time.

Apple IPhone Almost Here!

Probably the most anticipated cell phone I can recall hits stores in the coming month of June. Apple will be unveiling the IPhone to consumers and could probably charge just about whatever they wanted and people would still snatch them up at an unreal rate.

So, what is the latest buzz surrounding this highly sought after piece of technology? Glad you asked, and here you go…….

And if you aren’t already totally revved up, here is the commercial for the Apple IPhone as well….

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Cell Phones In The News – May 2

We have another batch of interesting news stories today involving cell phones. Some typical, others odd and some that make no sense at all. Read on for the top stories…..

  • Cell Phones banned from the voting booths in the Philippines.
    • ““The moment they are seen using their cameras for a photo copy of their ballots, it could be a ground for them to be investigated,”
  • Have your baseball tickets delivered straight to your cell phone.
    • “The Washington Nationals have become the first major organization in the United States to deliver event tickets to mobile phones. Nationals fans who purchase tickets on the Website can choose to have their tickets delivered to a mobile phone, via a MMS or picture message.”
  • Cell Phone bans continue just about everywhere it seems.
  • This one is my favorite, apparently, politicians that have been jailed can still woo voters from their jail cell using cell phones?!?!?!?
    • “Six politicians awaiting trial on murder or abduction charges in lawless northern Uttar Pradesh state have been using “cell” phones to campaign for re-election from prison, police said yesterday.”

Stay tuned to Cell Phones Zone for the latest news regarding cell phones, we cover it all……

Cell Phone Karma

Ran across this Cell Phone Commercial today titled, “Cell Phone Karma”.  It’s a Kyocera spot and there is a crazy squirrel in it that reminds me an awful lot of the one I have seen recently in a Bud Light commercial.  Have a look and a laugh below.

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Kyocera Commercial

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Bud Light Commercial

On Our Speedial – Verizon’s VCast TV Phone

We have been hearing lots about the Verizon TV Phones of late, and last week got to see a nice visual thanks to Engadget. The picture is also on the right here. The new TV Phone, the second one from Verizon. This one seems to trump the first one though,vcast.jpg and has a snazzy little swivel screen to boot. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and microSD expansion. Sounds like all the goods and I’m sure it will sell well for Verizon. What Im hoping for though its a TV phone that has a wider reach of programming, Im sure it’s just around the corner.

More on Verizon’s MediaFlo services can be had if you follow this link.

Cell Phone Time Warp – Radio Shack Commericial

Today on Cell Phone Time Warp, we have an old Radio Shack commercial to laugh at, share with you. A spot from the 1980’s that was sent over to France for some dubbing, this commercial showcases a “car phone” with a price tag of about 1400$ and a brick phone that ran for about 1k more. Makes that IPhone seem pretty cheap eh?

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Breakin the law, breakin the law…..

Who knew Cell Phones could be oh so controversial. It’s an everyday occurance now to see them mentioned in the news because another city has banned them in cars. But there is more it appears, and the cell phone crackdown continues. First, the latest and greatest in the cell phone driving bans……

New Hampshire seems to feel that it’s worse to use a cell while driving that a case of beer, according to a study they did.

“When controlling for driving difficulty and time on task, cell-phone drivers exhibited greater impairment thancellphone-lo.jpg intoxicated drivers,” the study states.”

A news flash now for all of you that just love to hang around in court rooms and be close to the “process”, don’t bring your cell phones. Because if they ring, Judge Judy (and even non-celebrity judges) can confiscate your handset. Also, this is in Dubai. 🙂

“A mobile phone that rings violates the court order and is punishable by the Civil Procedure Law.”

I can’t figure out why this law hasn’t been passed down before all the cell phone driving ones, but New Jersey is leading the “no texting while driving” charge. Is it just me, or is texting way more distracting anyway?

“It’s different than talking on a cell phone. When you’re on the phone, at least you’re able to keep looking down the road,” he said. “I’ve seen people driving with their knees and texting.”

And in our final, “driving and talking” crackdown, there is a bill that is being proposed in Louisiana currently that would restrict people from talking on their phones while driving, but just in school zones.

Representative A-G Crowe filed House Bill 99 to make it a traffic offense for a driver to use a cell phone “during posted hours” in school zones.

The bill would allow exceptions for calling police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians or other emergency personnel; or if the driver parks the vehicle.

Cell Phones kill sperm too!

Cell Phones, aka, the killer technology, are getting some more bad health news this week. According to a recent study at the Cleveland Clinic, cell phones emit an electromagnetic wave when they communicate with the nearest cell tower, or, when they ring. Those waves could be heating up tissue in the testicals or altering hormones which impacts sperm production. Dudes, I know you just cringed, it gets worse.

At the Reproductive Research Center, Dr. Ashok Agarwal and his team observed 350 men undergoing fertility treatment.

“Those men who used a cell phone for more than 4 hours per day had the biggest decrease in properties in sperm especially the count, quality, and quantity of the sperm,” Dr. Agarwal said. “They are significantly impaired in these men.”

The question really remains though, does anyone care? I don’t think too many people have been cutting back on their minutes due to other health warnings that have arisen, so why should they care about this one? Well, if it is true, I guess the cell obsessed males of our age won’t have to worry about pesky things likecellscream.jpg a wife and a family cutting their conversations short. Yikes!

Before you panic, Joseph Farren with the CTIA which represents the cell phone industry said, “One study, as the researchers note, does not provide evidence of a reduction in sperm quality.”

Whew, that’s the quick retraction we were looking for…….

Usernomics has the full story.

Google Cell Phones on the horizon?

The Cell Phone industry loves a juicy rumor. In fact, the technology community as a whole tends to dream things up, whipgoogle-survey-phone.jpg out their photoshop skills and make rumors come alive across the web. It’s pretty humorous sometimes how incredibly outrageous it can get. So, expect the Google Phone to be the next rumor mill favorite. Actually, the ole mill is already turning quite a bit.

~ Cellphone 9 starts some speculation regarding the Google Phone by stating that spyware could be a part of the Google Phone.

~ Engadget, the king of speculation, has mock up pics and seems to be at the forefront of the Google Phone rumors.

~ This rumor is so weird, that even the Sci-Fi nerds are writing about it!

~ These guys are past the rumor stage it appears, as they are ready to announce specs and stuff. Not sure how….

“The Google phone is now supposedly going to feature a flip QWERTY keypad, 2.0-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and 3G data support. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. “

Stay tuned for up to the minute , once in awhile updates on the Google Phone rumor mill!

Art Museums low on ideas, turn to Cell Phones

Many thanks to Jayvee over at Cellphone 9 for the tip on this story our of Baltimore. Apparently, there is an exhibit at thecelltree.jpg Contemporary Museum showcasing the amazing art of cellular phones! What?!? Its true, and Wired has the pictures to prove it. The photo to the right is a cell phone chandelier that features 27 phones pieced together that play different short videos that are interrelated. Here is the official quote that makes me a bit nauseus….

“the exhibit offers viewers artistic mashups of camera phones, video phones, global positioning systems, Bluetooth technology, ring tone sounds and messaging tech. And dont forget your cell phone, as this interactive show lets you add to the art.”

Its hard not to agree with this guy regarding this story. Idiotic may be a bit mild in describing it. Ive always been a big fan of the separation of technology and art.