Cell Phones to make you breakfast too!

Well, maybe not yet, but its gotta be in the future right? I mean, with this weeks news that cell phones will begin to act more and more as a remote control for your television, and with it already being a piece of technology that many cant live without, Im sure everything is fair game.

“As time goes by, we’ll be expanding what our customers can do remotely with a cell phone,” spokeswoman Amanda Ray said. “We anticipate introducing additional features.”AT&T

Here is a brief rundown of some news articles and opinions surrounding the new “Cellcellprogram.jpg Phone Television” technology.

~ Cell Phones to Record TV Shows

~ AT&T offers some video controls for your cell phone

And for some unbiased opinon, one of which we linked yesterday, but will again. Lets hand it over to the bloggers……

~ AT&T Launches scheduled recording by cell phone

~ Why Cell Phones With A Built In TV Remote is a Stupid Idea

Personally, I think its a kinda unecessary thing, but in a world of “you cant miss anything” and “you can do anything from anywhere”, im not surprised……

Cell Phone Links – 3-5-07

Making our way through the cell phone blogs today to aggregate some of the content we most enjoyed, here are our links you should check out for the day.

Canada is text message nuts apparently……

“According to the The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, Canadians have sent over 4.3 billion text messages in 2006 or triple the number of text messages they sent in 2005. The busiest texting month was December when 560 million SMS messages were sent or 18 million a day.”remote-control-wrangler-v4img_assist_custom.jpg

via: Cell Phones Etc.

Welcome to the worst cell phone fashion statement ever, or at least this week. I guess they dont care much about that radioactive study thing.

via: Cell Phone Freak and American Inventor

A fully compatible Amharic mobile phone operating system using Symbian? Apparently so, Ethipoia gets the cell phone bug. Better late than never guys!

via: Textually

Why The Cell Phone with a built in TV remote is a stupid idea….. (maybe not so stupid, check out the sweet headgear above!)

via: Mad4MobilePhones

Starbucks fix now available on your cell phone

There is something that seems to go hand in hand with technology geeks and caffeine. Maybe its the long nights spent in3phones.jpg ICQ rooms talking to each other about the latest and greatest Linux hacks or possibly its just the fact that Starbucks has wi-fi? Even so, the majority of America it seems, not just us geeks, are addicted to Starbucks coffee.

So, its not a surprise that now you can find the nearest ‘Bucks’ location with just a few touches on your cell phone via a text message. Simply text your zip code to MYSBUX and it will send you back a message with three of the nearest Starbucks locations, including the addresses and phone numbers. All business travelers that are sick of bad coffee at the Motel 6 continental breakfast just leaped from their chairs. Its really that easy. And its a charge that is no different than a regular text. And for the text message challenged among us, feel free to just dial up your mobile phones browser to visit the new mobile Starbucks site.

But wait, driving through Mayberry and dont know the local zip code? No worries, just dial up 1-800-235-2883 (1-800-be-latte) to locate a store. And speaking of crack. Because thats really what coffee is right? If you are a Blackberry owner (aka Crackberry) and arent partial to only Starbucks, but cant possibly exist without a latte of some capacity, head over to CNET and download the Caffeine Finder for Blackberry for free. This will point you to the closest restaurant or cafe for a great cup of coffee. Find every major cafe or restaurant across the country from over 45,000 locations. Once you find starbucks.pngwhere you want to go, ask Coffee Finder for a map, a review, and the address, all right from your phone or PDA.

Never spend more than 30 minutes without coffee again!

Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip on this story.

On Our Speedial – The Motorola RIZR Z3

Another installment of “On Our Speedial” today, where you give you a look at one of the hottest new cell phone products onmotorizr.jpg the market. This week it looks like the Motoroal Rizr is causing some big waves. The phone will be hitting T-Mobile March 12th despite some rather less than glowing reviews from the Engadgeters and CNET, and also a recent shunning from celebrity types at the Academy Awards. Even so, its a sharp looking handset and is the first Motorola attempt at a slider type.

Features worth a mention include a two-megapixel camera with video capture capabilities, music playback, stereo Bluetooth, quad-band connectivity, speakerphone, voice recognition software, predictive text input, and a 220 x 176 resolution screen and 20.0 MB of memory with a microSD slot for up to 1GB. Not too shabby at all. And despite the fourth of July appearance the picture we have here suggests, it will be coming in more colors than just the blue.

Mobilicio.us – Cell Phone Web Bookmarks

Since there obviously are tons of you out there that sit and hit all your favorite blogs, and websites using your cell phone browser, now you can bookmark them all thanks to the fine folks who brought you the social bookmarking genious, Delicio.us. Lifehacker recently reported that Mobilicio.us combines the del.icio.us, Ma.gnolia or Wieza online bookmarking services with Google’s Mobile Search tool to make your bookmarks accessible with a mobile phone browser. Maybe its just me, but I dont find browsing the web via my handset toomobilicious.jpg enjoyable. It seems to be much slower, and there are not nearly enough web sites with mobile versions. Which means you get to view the top right hand side 10×10 area on most sites.

But, with the IPhone on the horizon, maybe the mobile browsing landscape is changing and Mobilicio.us is ahead of the curve. Only time will tell.

Cell Phone Links – 2-27-07

In order to make your browsing experience as simple as possible, we here at the Zone have consolidated some of the more interesting blog entries we have come across, because honestly, all we do is read blogs. And talk on our cell phone, and eat, sometimes….but I digress.

– Hungry? Got a Cell Phone? Well, if you also happen to be in Japan, you will soon be able to order that Big Mac straightbruger-phone.jpg from your phone. Japanese mobile provider, NTT DoCoMo is teaming up with McDonalds to offer electronic payments and special promotions for cell phone users.

– Paranoid? Well, a new study by those nervous Finns states, “Using a cell phone regularly — even a modern one — raises the risk of developing a brain tumor for many users, a new Finnish study published online in the International Journal of Cancer. The study, done by a collection of researchers from many universities and led by Anna Lahkola of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland, found firm corollary evidence that using a cell phone causes the risk of getting a brain tumor called a glioma to rise by 40 to 270 percent on the side of the head preferred for using the phone.”

– Like Text Message Spam? Neither do we, and news today is that it could actually be getting better. Verizon Wireless said Monday that it has won a permanent injunction against a company it accused of sending text message spam, a significant step in keeping the unsolicited messages off cell phones. Read more here.
– Crazy? Hate people that talk on the phone while driving? Tired of our questions yet? Well, this dude apparently has issues not only with people gabbing on cells while behind the wheel, but also with anger in general as he thought it would be a good idea to ram his rig into said cell phone gabber.

Solar Powered Cell Phones Coming?

After last nights Oscar win for the very green and enviroment minded documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, we here atsolarcellphone.jpg the Zone are feeling a little enviro-conscious. So, it was an easy choice to write about a new technology in the cell phone area regarding Solar Powered Cell Phones.

Imagine this, a cell phone that charges using a small solar panel whenever you are in the sunlight, and actually, it charges inside as well, under artificial light, since most of us cell freaks dont really see the light of day anyway. The word is however, that the phone will stay charged all day with about two hours of sunlight, (or the artificial equivalent). Its being reported that Konarka Technologies , who already is making flexible solar cells from organic materials, is talking with consumer electronics companies about integrating its solar cells into their products. More info can be found via Cnet, Treehugger, and Green Options.

Cell Phones Recycled for a good cause

There seems to be lots of outlets these days for recycling your cell phones. You know, the old Nokia that has been shovedcellrecycle.jpg into your desk drawer for over a year with barely a notice that it exists. You cant get rid of it because it cost you like 100$ and even though you would never use it again, there has to be someone who will, right?

Turns out there is a use for your old phones, here are a few of the ways we uncovered for you when you are looking dust off the old handset and give it a new home….

– “Cell Phones for Soldiers” allows folks to drop off their used cell phones, attached batteries and outdated accessories at the local American Legion Post in Monroe, NY. More info can be found at Cell Phones for Soldiers website.

– If you are in Arizona however, its the Red Cross that is asking for your old cells, with a program that will recycle your old phone to benefit the Southern Arizona Red Cross. After the cell phones are collected, they will either be recycled or refurbished. Anyone can donate cell phones, two-way radios, pagers and walkie-talkies. Wait, walkie-talkies? I thought those were only used for kids toys these days, well, I stand corrected, over and out.

– Next its a jaunt out to Pittsburgh, were the Post-Gazette reports that the Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation program is turning old phones in for recycling dollars.

In summary, there are tons, and tons of outlets for getting that old cell off your hands, and if you have an interest in getting your own recycling program started for a good cause, the best resource to check out is Phone Raiser, which offers as much as 1$ per recycled phone, which could be a nice chunk if you get an organization or community involved.

On Our Speedial – The Blackberry 8800

This week its the new Blackberry 8800 that has the web of cell junkies all hot and bothered. The official unveiling and nowblackberry-8800-front.jpg the “unboxing” has taken place, and the specs are jumping off the page for this one. Looks like the new handheld will sport Bluetooth 2.0, push-to-talk support, and appears to be effectively blowing the previous installment, the Pearl, out of the proverbial water.
Also featured will be full QWERTY keyboard and built-in GPS that is integrated with Blackberry Maps and e-mail. Plus it plays MP3s, MPEG4 and H.263 video format for the multimedia nerd. But, unlike every other phone/pda ive seen in the past decade or so, no camera can be found on this bad boy.

Looks like Cingular is the first to promote the device as well, and it can now be found on their website with a tag of 500$, or $300 after $50 mail-in rebate and 2-year contract.

Luke Johnson, the ultimate Telecomm CSR Rep!

You may or may not be familiar with this dude, Luke Johnson. Johnson started off months ago by making a little You Tube video that was about a minute long and posting it on the web for all to see. It included Luke asking for your phone calls to his cell phone, anytime of the day or night as a part of his “cell phone experiment.”luke-cnn.jpg

Well, its been some time now, with lots of Videos in the meantime, and good ole Luke is over 100,00 calls. He does a vid update here and rocks a Threadless t-shirt to boot. And lookie here, his cell phone is a significant upgrade to when things got started. Sponsorship? We wouldnt be surprised if some cell company came along and offered their wares to be seen in Luke home videos that so many people cant get enough of. His videos get around 100,000 views and he has been profiled on CNN, and his local news as well.

luke100.jpgTelecomm companies have gotta be throwing some major contracts at this guy to be their new Customer Serivce Rep extrodinaire! I mean, if dude can answer calls like that, day and night, think about all the Federal Excise Tax credits he could refund or refuse in a cube at Verizon! He could very well be the Lebron James of the CSR world. You’ve been warned Telecomm industry. Oh and by the way, if you want to call Luke, you can do so at 602-435-3694. Keep calling! If he reaches 200,000 then well, nothing continues to happen!