Blackberry 9000 in the wild


Shockingly enough apparently all you need is $850.00 and a serious sense of faith and you too can buy a Blackberry 9000 some 4 months before it is launched. How is this possible? No one really knows especially considering that it came off Ebay and was shipped from Europe. The guys over at Crackberry had the guts to go for it and they were rewarded with Blackberry’s newest flag ship model.

Some of the first impressions seem to indicate what everyone was hoping for, a totally new UI and a screen that finally matches or surpasses many smart phones on the market today.

Specs as follows:

  • Bands – Quad-band GPRS/EDGE: 800/850/1800/1900MHz
  • HSDPA: 850/1900/2100MHz
  • Display – HVGA Color LCD (480à—320) *definitely*
  • Camera – 2MP *max resolution 1600 by 1200, file size around 500kb*
    • NO additional front facing camera on this unit
  • Wi-Fi – a,b,g
  • A-GPS
  • Processor — Intel XScale PXA270 @ 624MHz *based on previous rumors*
  • Externally Accessible expandable memory – microSD
  • Battery – 1500mAh
  • Weight – ~140grams or 5 oz
  • Operating System Software – version (67)
  • On Board Memory (File Total) — 73.4 MB (probably an even 96MB to begin with like the 8330 Curve)
  • On Board Memory (File Free as received) — 19.8 MB

Crackberry’s hands on review

BlackBerrry KickStart confirmed


With the proverbial cat out of the bag due to the spy shots making the internet rounds the past couple days, Research in Motion has confirmed the existence of their first foray into the flip (clamshell) style phones in the name of the KickStart. Of course not much information is available except for a few details: GSM/GPRS/EDGE, SureType keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, dual displays with 16-bit color, Wi-Fi, and BlackBerry OS 4.6.

Other features that are still not confirmed is a system like the SE 580i which has a colored light that can be customized to illuminate when the phone is in hibernation. And yet other features make an odd combination like the Edge with WiFi, which is like the old with the new. However this does make sense as this appears to be a T-Mobile product launch and we all know they love that EDGE so much they decided to keep it longer than any wireless provider.

Starbucks HotSpots free for the iPhone


Starbucks have made some dramatic changes in their HotSpot service, first they dumped T-Mobile and along with them the gargantuan charges that ranged from $9.99 a day and higher, then they partnered with AT&T which will bring in all those hipster wannabees that make up a huge number of iPhone owners, lastly they will give those hipsters in training iPhoners free unlimited WiFi so they can write that screenplay about the geek who is thrust into the world of espionage when his supermodel girlfriend is kidnapped by Steve Ballmer.

This also includes Barnes & Nobles but using your iPhone in a book store is the epitome of douchebaggery, which for uninformed is simply a person who cares for no one other than themselves and expresses this attitude at every available opportunity or in other words an Oakland Raider fan.

The 1st BlackBerry Flip Phone

Research in Motion hasn’t announced this and to be honest a lot of people want to think this is some type of hoax but some spy shots straight from the bathroom of some office seem to indicate otherwise. The fact is simple, it appears that the BlackBerry line will now include a flip phone, which is a radical departure from the email friendly keyboards that they are famous for in the business world. This seems to make sense as the flip phone market is a profitable one and with the growth RIM has been showing the past 18 months it should only help with the bottom line.

Some of what you can tell from the pics is that there is a camera, a touch sensitive joystick, and a fairly large screen for a clamshell. This seems to fly in the face of what having a BlackBerry device is all about but the Pearl has proved to be quite successful when the full keyboard models were seemingly better in all aspects. Like it or not here comes the BlackBerry KickStart……


Bluetooth headset for both mobile phone and iPod



With the new JayBird Bluetooth Stereo Headset (130 bones) you can control both your phone and your MP3 player at the same time using the newest update to the A2DP protocol. As of now there aren’t any Bluetooth enabled iPods so an adapter will need to be purchased but expect that Bluetooth will be built in to most new MP3’s players just for the wireless headset capabilities alone and with the dual capabilities of this headset, it can only further develop wireless accessories.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that the iPod Touch doesn’t have Bluetooth built in? Was this strictly a price cutting measure or a deliberate attempt to not give the device any ‘phone’ features, so as to not anger the iPhone owners? I cant imagine the fanboys reaction would be all that favorable if the Touch could have Skype added and thus skirt all the network/subsidy lock issues of The Jesus Phone.

As for as I can find there is only one Bluetooth enabled MP3 player on the market and that is the Philips GoGear SA5245BT. I guess the industry is a little slow on this so lets this is a sign of things to come…and fast.


Samsung pushes its market share to 16%


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. shipped over 46 million phones in Q1 to solidify itself as the world’s second best mobile phone manufacturer. The 33% increase in sales over Q1 2007, has pushed its market share to 16%.

All this while Motorola tumbled to a 9.4% share in the No. 3 spot. Motorola has yet to come up with an encore to its original RAZR and has just announced that losses have reached a shocking $194m as sales fell to a 4 year low. Now consider that the industry is expected to have at least  14% growth and the fact that LG is looking at solid gains and is now at 8.6% share and Motorola might want to start making large screen devices and realize the thin phone fad is over… really really over.

Sony Ericsson market share slipping


Sony Ericsson’s net income dipped a whopping 48% to $212 million, while revenue was down 7% to about $4.3 billion.  Average selling prices declined sharply to $192, from $213 a year-ago. The company said it held 8% global market share in the first quarter, down more than a point from the full year in 2007. This is a disappointment because everything is pointing to a double digit growth for the quarter which would indicate Sony Ericsson isn’t keeping pace with the market. 

Many analysts are pointing to the fact that Sony Ericsson’s high end models have smaller screens time when larger displays are in great demand. Nokia is also falling into this same trap with few models that seem to be what the high end user is looking for.

Apple sells 1.7 million units


Apple announced revenue of $7.5 billion and net profit over $1 billion in its 2nd fiscal quarter, with revenue beating expectations. This is what happens when you sell 10.6 million iPods, 2.3 million Macs, and 1.7 million iPhones — which the company said kept it on pace to reach its year-end goal of 10 million iPhones sold.

However the 1.7 million is down from the 2.315 million reported for the fiscal first quarter and some analysts have seen this as a possible trend of decreasing sales. Others believe the 3G iPhone will jumpstart sales again but news has been quiet on that front since Apple slapped around Mossberg. 

AT&T Mobile has big 1st quarter


At&t Mobile has announced Q1 2008 numbers in which they added 1.295 million wireless customers, an 8.7% increase compared the first quarter of 2007. The numbers pushed the carrier’s customer base to more than 71.3 million subscribers. This is especially impressive considering they shut down their TDMA network and along with it 330,000 customers.

Churn remained at 1.7% per month during the quarter, however ARPU (avg revenue per unit) jumped 2% to $50.18 during the first quarter. This helped push revenues to $10.6 billion for the quarter. AT&T Mobility noted data services accounted for $2.3 billion, or 21.5%, of total service revenues. The strong growth nearly doubled it’s income from $1.5 billion during the first quarter of 2007 to $2.9 billion this year.

Nokia announces deal with Sony BMG



Nokia announced a new agreement with Sony BMG, in addition to adding two new handsets to its XpressMusic line. The leading wireless manufacturer explained that Sony BMG has joined its Comes With Music offering.

“This initiative represents a critical new way of gaining access to music, through which fans will be able to explore Sony BMG’s vast catalog of recordings for an entire year,” advised Sony BMG executive Thomas Hesse. “We think this business model will encourage users to sample a wide range of material, expand their musical tastes and listen to more music than ever before.”

The two new handsets are the 5220 ($255) and the 5320 ($352) which are scheduled for release in the third quarter. They both have Symbian S60 2 Megapixel w/ autofocus Video recorder with QVGA resolution, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 320×240 pixelsdisplay.