Samsung SGH-i900


Samsung has seemingly leaked the info on a new smart phone called the SGH-i900 that will run Windows Mobile 6.1. Its seems to be the real deal with some serious specs but only time will tell if all of the rumors are true. No one is sure what this thing even looks like and Samsung doesn’t seem willing to confirm that they even make mobile phones so I guess the waiting game has begun. This looks to be a big year for Samsung and this will only help their rising stature in the mobile world.

The specs that may or may not be true:
TV Out
Micro SDHC
Dimensions: 112 x 56 x 12.5mm
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and
FM radio
The 3.5″ screen
240×400 display
5 megapixel camera
8 GB of memory

iPhone 2.0 beta: Screen caps


The latest iPhone 2.0 beta firmware allows users to save web images to its running camera roll for later download to its host machine (or sharing via email). In addition the iPhone, with a flick of  two buttons, (sleep & home) will be capable of taking full screen caps. Of course all of this is just in a testing phase and some bugs will no doubt need to be worked out, so there is no telling when these features might go live. Apple is staying in the news of late, perhaps this is leading into an announcement about a much sleeker and faster iPhone that will be capable of such advance things as picture messaging and the old copy and paste.

Windows Mobile 6.1


Windows newest version of their mobile operating system is coming out of the gates charging with both AT&T’s Tilt and the Samsung Blackjack II as the first handhelds available with Windows Mobile 6.1. The Motorola Q9c, HTC Touch, HTC Mogul and the Samsung Ace are soon to follow. This continues the trend of always having a vast amount of devices to choose from, something that has set it apart from its rivals.

The ease of installation in both networking and Outlook Exchange alone make it a solid performer. If not for a somewhat sluggish interface and at times confusing layouts, this would have been a noticeable step forward but alas it isn’t perfect or even close. The next gen iPhone and the Android might be bringing some serious game so time will tell if the big boys in Renton left their guard down just a tad too long.

Full review

Mobile 6.1 page

Emergency sms system approved by FCC


The FCC today approved plans to roll out a nationwide SMS-based alert system, which will soon become mandatory for all four national carriers and all the ‘baby bells’ as well. The FCC will appoint a federal agency tasked with creating the messages.

Those messages will be limited to one of three categories of emergencies, including disasters like a terrorist attack, ongoing threats like hurricanes or earthquakes, or child abductions or amber alerts. You can also opt out of the system if you don’t want to know about the massive tsunami approaching your plush beachfront cabin like some blogger I know.

Finally a cool watch phone has emerged

After many many attempts someone has finally succeeded in making a cool looking watch phone. Pair this with a Bluetooth headset and it might not be a bad way to go, no more lugging around a cellphone, keys, and a wallet. Sure its expensive at $500 but you’re worth it, just eat ramen for the next month.

The Van Der Led WM2 is a quad-band GSM with a 1.3-inch, 260k touchscreen display, stereo Bluetooth, and 240 hours of standby or 300-minutes of talk. 1GB of storage for your MP3 or MP4 files and USB transfer.

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When old people attack


Walt Mossberg finds himself the scorn of many a Apple fanboy today with his retraction of his 3G iPhone in 60 days announcement. This should have been obvious to most, as you just shouldn’t get your tech news from someone that looks like he loves the early bird special, wants you off his lawn, and smells like old people. Yep, I said it, someone had to…Walt Mossberg is old!! Seriously, he remembers a time when TV hadn’t even been invented, it was called his childhood.

Now I can’t be that mad at him as he did screw with the 2nd scariest group of fans on the web but this does bring up a point, when is the proper age to start ignoring old people? Should there be sliding scale for the smarter ones? And once we’ve determined that they no longer serve a purpose, is Solent Green too cruel an ending? The answers are age 50, no, and hell no.

News from CTIA 2008

CTIA ’08 introduced a plethora of devices, accessories, and theories about its future but what had most interested was the 2 Mbps Mobile WiMax demo given by Intel, Motorola, and Clearwire. This as well as Sprint’s Xohm WiMax network, scheduled for launch later this year, are being looked at closely to see if mobile broadband is the future money maker that some think. Analysts are surprised to see how far ahead of the mobile broadband game Sprint is considering their recent struggles.

Nokia and their 810 internet tablet are already to go the WiMax route and were commended for the device with a 1st place finish in the Fashion and Lifestyle category. Samsung also scored big at CTIA with both the Instinct and the ACE. The won 1st and 3rd place respectively, in the Smartphone category.

The following awards were given:

Consumer Applications – Messaging (SMS/MMS)/Mobile Marketing
1st place – Cellfire 3.0
2nd place – Reply with Jott for BlackBerry
3rd place – SnapNow Mobile Visual Search

Consumer Applications – Mobile Entertainment/Social Networking
1st place – Ontela’s PicDeckâ„¢
2nd place – WidSets
3rd place – Yahoo! Go 3.0

Mobile CE – Accessory
1st place -Clear Harmonyâ„¢ Wireless Ear Buds
2nd place – CradlePoint PHS300 Portable Hotspot
3rd place – Motorola WiMAX CPEi 750 Desktop CPE

Mobile CE – Fashion & Lifestyle Products
1st place – Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition
2nd place – Wilson SignalBoostâ„¢ Pro Amplifier Kit (801242)
3rd place – ARCHOS 705 WiFi Portable Media Player

Mobile CE – Phone/Smartphone
1st place – Instinct by Samsung, exclusively from Sprint
2nd place – Nokia N96
3rd place – Samsung ACE (SPH-i325)

Mobile Widgets – Consumer
1st place – Zumobi
2nd place – Fusion Voicemail Plus by PhoneFusion
3rd place – JACKED Mobile SportsTop

Blackberry 9000


The WiFi and HSDPA confirmed device is seemingly being tested and was caught out on the town and all I have to say is this thing is beautiful. It is nice to see RIM finally stepping up with some aesthetic upgrades. A few things can be seen by this photo, first the software and interface have been redesigned and look like a significant upgrade, second is that it isnt touch sensitive.

I am sure this will only help RIM maintain its gaudy activation numbers for the foreseeable future.

Crackberry addiction spreads across nation


Research In Motion RIM (Nasdaq RIMM), the home of the Blackberry, just announced Q1 ’08 numbers and they continue to grow at an astonishing rate. Some of the highlights include 2.18 million new added subscribers in the quarter, which is a new record, which brings BlackBerry’s total amount of subscribers to over 14 mil.

The Waterloo based company earned an impressive $412.5 million, or 72 cents a share, up from a profit of $187.4 million from last year. Market forecasters expected earnings of around 68 so they outperformed most if not all expectations. Their outlook is even more impressive considering that the financial outlook in Uncle Sam’s back yard is less than stellar. Maybe the Jesus phone really isn’t dominating the smart phone market, its just the market is exploding right now.

RIM sees per-share profit of 82-86 cents; analysts expected 76 cents. This announcement has the stock jumping some 5+ points on the late show called Wall Street: After Hours. I for one will be calling my broker and he will once again pretend he has no idea who I am.

T-Mobile’s color palette

T-Mobile is clearly in need of an intervention. First were the claims of their much delayed but still super awesome 3G network that should be available in late summer (just in time for it to be almost completely obsolete) and now comes the claim that they own the color magenta and don’t want anyone else using it. They didn’t approach the fashion industry with these claims, no it was a blog that uses magenta but with far more restraint and taste than T-Mobile itself has ever shown.

And there lies the dilemma. Root for a large multi-national corporation that is looking to redefine the phrase ‘Power Trip’ or some website that has never overcharged me on my wireless bill? Hhmmm.. that’s a tough one, i’ll go with company that isn’t killing all the bees, not giving me brain tumors, or cutting down forest after forest to print its bills. Ok that was a little harsh, the bee thing is still up for debate.

This could just be a little jealousy from the Germans, perhaps all they want is a website that doesn’t look like it was drawn with a crayon. Maybe there is someone within the company with impeccable taste that can help them, yep you guessed it Sue Nokes V.P. of Wowing the Customer should be the inspiration for T-Mobile’s new site. Think animal prints and bejeweled glasses…so fierce!