BlackJack 2 – myth or reality?

OK, I have to admit. When I first saw the original BlackJack from Samsung I thought it was pretty slick. I’m a big Samsung fan (they run a close second behind Apple for me) and having had another Samsung phone in the past, I was impressed with the design and functionality of the BlackJack.

And it seems a lot of other people were, too.

The BlackJack became a huge hit and has done very well since its initial release. But, like everything in this world, its time for an update.

So, the rumors have been circulating that the BlackJack2 is on the way. And now, having just passed FCC inspection, it seems as if we’ve seen the first shots of the BlackJack 2 from Samsung.


The Samsung SCH-i617 will be the new BlackJack, refreshing an already great cell phone with an improved design and Windows Mobile 6. Also included are a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth (does any new phone not have Bluetooth?), quad-band GSM/EDGE, dual-band UMTS/HSDPA, but no Wi-Fi at this point.

No pricing or release date as of yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Read [Gadgetell]

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Show us your Cell Phones

Most people that know me know that I’m pretty curious.  I’m also admittedly a little bit nosy.  Sometimes too nosy.  And now, I’m going to pry my nose into your business, o faithful Cell Phone Zone readers, and ask you this:  Can we see your cell phones?  Please?

Some of you are going to jump at the chance this will provide to show off you ultra-cool phones, and some will like to show off their unlocked cell phones just because you like people to know you have an unlocked cell phone.  (Sorry, unlocked iPhone bricks don’t count.  Has to be a working phone.)

So here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Take a picture of your cell phone.  If you figure out a way to take a picture of your own phone with your phone’s camera, knock yourself out.  Personally, I think that would involve way too much stretching and bending your body into weird shapes.  But that’s just me.
  2. Write up a short description of your phone.  Tell us what you like about it. Tell us what you hate about it.  Try to keep your description on the PG side, I don’t want to have to edit too much.
  3. Send your picture and description to us.  Just compose an email and send it to cellphoneszone at with the subject line Show us your cell phones.  Attach you photo and include your description.

Feel free to rant or rave as long as you like about your cell phone.  Tell us why you bought it, why you still have it, and how long you’re planning on keeping it.  I’ll start posting these at the end of the week.

AT&T brings you the new Tilt

Ah, another release from the fine folks at AT&T. Coming to you on October 5th for only $299 with a two-year contract, it’s the Tilt.

Manufactured by HTC Corp., the Tilt will offer a 2.8-inch display, 3G HSDPA, GPS with TeleNav, Push to Talk, slide-out
and fold-up QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3-megapixel camera with auto focus,
microSD support for up to 32GB, push email, standard IM program and
Windows Mobile 6 with Mobile Office.

From the AT&T press release:

The AT&T Tilt represents the ultimate in high-speed connectivity,
functional design and Windows Mobile power, it is a mobile powerhouse…The AT&T Tilt provides today’s professionals and consumers with the
ability to work and be entertained from nearly anywhere in the world

– Peter Chou, CEO, HTC Corp.

I’m impressed with the overall look of the device, but I’d like to see some real-world testing before we see how sturdy that cool little flippy-top thingamabob really is.

Read [Gadgetell] via [Gizmodo] and [AT&T Press Release]

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New Blackberry 8820 coming to an AT&T store near you

blackberry8820-attlg.jpgI can’t believe it. I really can’t. It’s amazing. Astounding, even. Who would have thought that it has taken this long for Research in Motion(RIM), producers of the grandaddy of all smartphones, the Blackberry, to release a device that includes Wi-Fi in the US.

All I can say is, it’s about time.

Also included with the 8820 is assisted GPS through TeleNav, a push-to-talk service, and the ability to purchase online music through eMusic Mobile (Home of great, DRM-free MP3s) and streaming music from XM Satellite Radio.

This device packs a serious punch for Blackberry lovers, giving them access to a great many features that you can’t find in other smartphones. I’m pumped for any current or future Blackberry owners, having been had a Blackberry in the past myself. But, that was in the days before my iPhone.

But, with a reported price of $300 with a two-year contract, I can see this little beauty as a nice alternative to the iPhone. Especially for business users that need Exchange support.

Read Electronista | Image

What was your first cell phone?

As much as we like to think in this day and age that cell phones have always been a part of our lives (well, for some of us they have been), they weren’t always around.  It’s hard to imagine, but at one point in time we all actually were able to find some peace and quiet without having to worry about who was going to call us at the most inopportune moments.

In the spirit of building some conversations around here, I’d like to find out what everyone’s first cell phone was.   Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or cool, heck I had a bag phone at one time.  (And yes, I’m showing my age a little bit here…)

So please, share with the world a little trip down memory lane as we think about our cell phones gone by.  You’ll probably be surprised to find out that you weren’t the only one with that brick phone that weighed 34.6 pounds with a battery life of 46 minutes…

Leave your comments below, this might be some fun!

New Samsung i760 ships early for Verizon

Fans of texting now have another option (at least if you’re a Verizon customer) as the new Samsung i760 has been released more than a week ahead of the scheduled date.

Officially, this new lateral slide-out keyboard phone was set for release on September 24th but if you make a call to the business or customer service lines you can pick one up.

The camera features a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, EVDO internet access, and one of the strangest front keypad configurations I’ve ever seen.

The keys on the front are angled to provide a natural feel when you are typing on the slide-out keyboard. My only question is how natural does it feel when you’re not typing on the slide-out keyboard. Doesn’t look very natural to my eyes, then again, I don’t have my glasses on right now. That might be the problem.  

Don’t expect to get this phone on the cheap, though. With a two-year contract price of $350, you’ll pay a premium to get that funky front keypad.

Read Electronista via BGR
Image courtesy of Electronista

Cell Phones won’t Kill Your Brain…At Least For Now

Have you ever had that feeling while you’re yapping away at your cell phone?  You know, the feeling that your ear is going to fall off?  Or that you may be sending massive amounts of incredibly dangerous microwave rays directly into your gray matter, causing the wholesale slaughter of your few remaining brain cells?

No?  Hmm… I was afraid I might be the only one…

If you have had that feeling, apparently that is all it was, a feeling.  According to a study by the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Programme, there is no connection between mobile phone use and brain cancer.

I’m certainly glad that’s been cleared up.  I was seriously considering cutting down my cell phone usage over concern of possible brain cancer.  Whatever.  I know that you were really concerned about that, too.

The study has been going on for six years now and has produced no sufficient data to demonstrate any adverse health effects from cell phone usage.  But, there’s one slight disclaimer on the whole study…

Concerns about the long-term effect of mobile phone use, however, will have to wait to be addressed by future research. “[A]t present, very few people have used mobile phones for more than ten years, so it is not possible at present to rule out the detection of an association [between cancer and mobile phone use] at some future date,” the report says.

So we can’t count out any dangers from cell phone usage just yet.

The report did go on to say that cell phone usage while driving does impair drivers but doesn’t impair driving any more than other distractions.  Like trying to reach that bag of fries in the back seat…

Read more details of the report over at InformationWeek.

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New Cell Phone Sheriff in Town – Welcome One and All

Ahh, there’s a scent in the air here at the Cell Phone Zone, the scent of a new writer! Today’s the first day on the job for me here with the ContentQuake network, so I thought I’d pop in very quickly and introduce myself, then I’ll get you right back to your regularly scheduled cell phone news and updates.

Mike Paul’s the name, technology is my game. I’ve been around everything tech for as long as I can remember, having worked in the industry for the past decade and now expanding my expertise to the online arena. I’ve written for a couple of blogs in the past and run a few of my own.

My job here is to make this site the best cell phone site on the web, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Yes, you’ll get to see the “big” stories making their way around the web, but I want this blog to be your first stop for cell phone information, news, reviews, and opinion.

Got a favorite cell phone? If I talk about it, please feel free to let me (and everyone else) know why its your favorite. Got a phone you hate? Why? Get rid of it and get a phone that you love! C’mon man, it’s not that hard to figure out.

I’m here for you, bringing you all the latest and greatest in the cell phone industry. Check back often, you’re sure to see something new here all the time.

OK, I’m done blabbering now. On with the show…

Virgin Mobile Announces Super Slice Cell Phone


Virgin Mobile actually has some nice cell phones in its line up. Sure, most of them aren’t packed with the latest and greatest bells and whistles, but they get the job done. Their latest entrant in the cell phone space is the Super Slice. It sports a 1.8 inch 65,000 color display screen (128×60). But the biggest news on this version of the Slice is the additon of Blue Tooth wireless. Specs after the jump.

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Nokia N95 8GB


Nokia has released a new version of its N95 cell phone. The new version sports a new look and a bigger screen, along with other improvements. The 2.8″ QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display sports a nice 16 million colors. Obviously, Nokia has heard the ante upped by Apple’s iPhone and are trying to respond. The new version is also compatible with AT&T’s 3G HSDPA network, which means faster browsing on the go. The internal camera features a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens. But this little beauty ain’t cheap. It rings in at $750. See the specs after the jump:

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